First Dogs spend time with First Lady Jill Biden and get ready for their new kitty sister

The First Dogs are spending time with their mom, First Lady Jill Biden, while also prepping for their new sister, who has yet to join the family. And honestly, we are here for this.

In a post shared to their Instagram account, the First Dogs shared a sweet picture of themselves enjoying a little downtime with the FLOTUS. And apparently for them, these moments are all about the snuggles and the treats of course.

According to the caption on their Instagram post,

We’re so happy! We love being reunited, living here at the White House, with our pawsome parents! We spend lots of time with our mom @FLOTUS, getting snuggles and extra nom noms. We’re now working on a welcoming strategy for the new kitty sibling. So excited to meet her!

The First Dogs are enjoying time with their mom while waiting for their new feline sibling

Honestly, the First Dogs aren’t the only ones excited for the arrival of the new White House kitty. After all, as much as we love the current COTUS, Winston, we know that he is just taking on the role temporarily. And we are excited to see what the new COTUS has in store for us.

While we love following the adventures of Champ and Major Biden, it would be nice to get a bit more feline content on The Oval Pawffice social media accounts. Then again, we wouldn’t mind seeing even more of our First Dogs on social media. Either way, we are here for this animal content out of the White House. And yes, that means seeing Champ and Major enjoying some snuggles with the First Lady.

Also, we can’t wait to learn more about the “welcoming strategy” that the First Dogs have in mind when it comes to their new sibling. Hopefully it is one that doesn’t overwhelm the new COTUS.

Are you excited for the arrival of the new COTUS? Do you like seeing the First Dogs enjoying downtime with their human parents? Tell us in the comments below.