First Dogs are making plans for a visit to the Oval Office for treats

It looks like the First Dogs have a plan to get their teeth on some Noms and we are here for it! In a post on Instagram, the pups revealed there are some treats in the Oval Office and that means what better time to exert their “executive privilege” of being able to visit their dad than for a snack.

The Instagram post showed us an assortment of cellophane wrapped treats (they looked like cookies to us) in the shapes of Easter eggs, bunnies, and even a cute little lamb. And a second picture included with the post shows all of the cookies in a basket ready for giving out.

No maybe it’s me, but these cookies almost look too cute to eat. But of course, when it comes to our First Dogs, cute means nothing when it comes to snack time.

And as the caption of the post reads, “We need to visit our dad in The Oval Pawffice today, these nom noms aren’t gonna eat themselves. – Champ & Major.”

The First Dogs are making a plan to hit up their dad in the Oval Office so they can get some treats

Considering the Easter Bunny visited with the President and First Lady at the White House, we are not that surprised to see treats in the Oval Office. Whether or not these particular cookies are actually dog approved is an entirely different matter. (That being said, we can’t imagine the President wouldn’t have goodies for his pups on stand-by.)

Even if the First Dogs are not allowed to snack on one of these cute cookies, we know they had a chance to enjoy a little holiday downtime with the family in the lead up to Easter. After all, they shared a post on social media where Major is snagging what looks like a bunny treat of his own while Champ takes a snooze with Easter eggs.

Treats or no treats, it seems like the First Dogs already had a good time this Easter and a visit with dad in the Oval Office would just be the icing on the cookie. What do you think? Do you think Champ and Major Biden will be able to get their teeth on one of those adorable Easter cookies in the Oval Office?