How much did the First Dogs raise for the SPCA of Texas in March?

On March 1, the First Dogs announced that for the entire month any sales from their The Oval Pawffice website would be used to support the SPCA of Texas. And through the ups and downs of the month, that is exactly what they did.

Not only did the First Dogs shine a light on animals looking for their furever homes in Texas, but every sale from their website was a chance to support the cause as well. While it seems there was a little banking drama when Champ and Major Biden went to donate what was raised in March, everything turned out okay and we now know exactly how much they were able to donate to the SPCA of Texas.

In a post shared to their social media accounts, The Oval Pawffice revealed that their March donation to the SPCA of Texas totaled $3,675! That’s right, even with #DooDooGate and the pups being in Delaware for part of the month, they were still able to raise over $3500 for the SPCA of Texas.

The First Dogs reveal that they were able to raise $3,675 for the SPCA of Texas in March

In their post about how much they were able to raise for the SPCA of Texas in March, the First Dogs also let us know that since they entered the White House with their parents, they have been able to raise and donate $8,705 to multiple animal welfare charities. (With everything they have dealt with in the first few months of their tenure in Washington D.C., this is an impressive amount of money they have been able to raise.)

Of course now that we are in a new month, this means that there is a new charity to support. According to a second post to their social media, it seems that the charity being supported in the month of April is the Humane Society.

We can’t wait to see which charities they support next and how much more money they are able to raise for animals in need. Have you supported the First Dogs’ charitable efforts yet?