Green Gruff is the vet-approved line of pet treats made with cricket protein

Green Gruff line of Relax Calming products. Image courtesy of Green Gruff
Green Gruff line of Relax Calming products. Image courtesy of Green Gruff /

When it comes to finding new treats for our pups, we are always looking for things that they will not only enjoy, but also get something out of it and that’s where Green Gruff comes in.

Made with sustainable protein, as well as organic ingredients, Green Gruff is the dog treat line we never knew our pups needed. Here’s the thing, the first time that I saw that these treats were made with cricket protein (which is apparently really good for our dogs as it ” promotes faster absorption and easier processing of actives into the bloodstream”) I was skeptical.

Our staff pup, Ladybug, is a bit of a picky eater. She has a tendency to say no to peanut butter based treats and shy away from treats that aren’t up to her grueling (or should I say drooling) standards. But then came Green Gruff. And yes, this picky pup decided these were pretty darn good after all.

Seriously, this dog is weird (she is skeptical of dog beds!!!), but when it came to these treats, it didn’t take much convincing to get her to give these a try. And try she did.

Green Gruff is a dog approved treat that even vets like

Obviously you’re not just here to read about what Ladybug has to woof about these treats. So let’s get down to the details.

Green Gruff offers our pups a lineup that features four different types of supplements. They have their DETOX Immunity treats, the EASE Joint & Hip treats, the RELAX Calming treats, and finally the SOOTHE Skin & Coat treats. (Ladybug got to try all four of these treats, and while she hasn’t tried them all yet because we do try to think of her needs when it comes to giving her supplemental treats, she has enjoyed the EASE and the RELAX treats at this point.)

You can snag these treats in bags of 24 chews for $9.99 each, or in larger jar of 90 treats at $27.99 each. And not only are these supplemental treats available on the Green Gruff website, but they are also on Amazon as well. As an added bonus, the company also offers their Green Gruff Black line which features products infused with CBD. Take the benefits of the standard line of treats, add in the relaxation benefits of CBD and you have a winner!

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If you are looking for dog treats that are not only a real treat, but also offer additional benefits for our pup’s health, then you may want to give Green Gruff a try. I know Ladybug highly recommends them.