Pooch Perfect, Episode 2 Review: Feliz Navidog!

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 11: A cane corso waits to compete in the Westminster Dog Show on February 11, 2014 in New York City. The annual dog show has been showcasing the best dogs from around world for the last two days in New York. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 11: A cane corso waits to compete in the Westminster Dog Show on February 11, 2014 in New York City. The annual dog show has been showcasing the best dogs from around world for the last two days in New York. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images) /

Tuesday night, Pooch Perfect episode 2 aired on ABC, and let’s just say that it was something quite special, unique, and colorful. If you’re into this sort of thing and love to watch dogs transform into something totally different, mixed with an entire rainbow of colors, then be sure to stay tuned every Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. CST.

Pooch Perfect episode 2 premiered on April 6 and let’s just say that there was a lot of Christmas holiday cheer going on this week – and yes, we absolutely loved it!

This week, the episode opened up with a really cute opener – host Rebel Wilson was standing in a line; at the front of a line was a dog doing their business on a fire hydrant. She was rushing the dogs trying to get her turn in too (a hilarious play of events that went on). I mean, a girl’s gotta go, right?!

This week’s opener:

"“Welcome to Pooch Perfect, where we’re all nuts for Mutts!” ~ Rebel Wilson, Host"

Let’s get ready for Pooch Perfect episode 2, mixed with some colorful Christmas holiday cheer!

This week, we also got a little insight into who some of the other teams were that may not have been introduced during Week One – so that was definitely fun to learn a bit more about everyone!

First up, the Immunity Puppertunity challenge – Shape Up, where each team’s dog grooming must be or be of resemblance of any geometric shape(s).

“Release the Hounds!”

Here’s what each team did for this second Immunity Puppertunity challenge this week:

First up was Macie and Corina who chose the shape of a triangle. The pup had a few going down his back, as well as a few going down his tail too! All complete with a couple tiny purple rhinestones on his tail and his ears too!

Second up was Blake and Bobby who chose the shape of a diamond. This dog was essentially paying homage to groomer Blake’s former career as a San Fransisco jewelry salesman. While diamonds were the overall theme here, there was of course some ‘glitz and glamour’ in the tail and back diamonds as well, followed by a super sparkly and thick-banded collar.

Next up was Adrian and Bria who chose the shape of squares, inspired by Adrian’s time on the Tetris Team growing up as a kid. The pup had some colorful orange paws, followed by an entire rainbow’s worth of Tetris squares on his back! (BTW….the dog has the most gorgeous baby blue eyes, just for the record here).

Then came Alyssa and Justin who chose the shape of a rhombus as their inspiration today. The pup had a faintly outlined shape on the back/body, as well as some on the top of their head as well, so it all came together beautifully and nicely (although the judges didn’t seem to see it).

Fifth in line came Riza and Sarah who chose the shape of a heart this week. They had colorful paws to match the purple and pink hearts on the pup’s back, followed by the most adorable collar/tie combo with a kiss on it to match the hearts. Also some sparkles never hurt anyone! The best part? The secret surprise on pup’s tummy: a little red sparkly heart saying “Yummy, yummy, yummy, I got love in my tummy” to us all!

dog grooming
dog grooming /

Then there was Gabriel and Monse who chose the shape of a triangle. This week, Gabriel wanted to pup to help him pay homage to his home country of Brazil, and he did just that with the color blocking he did with the fluffy fur baby’s fur!

Seventh up was Tierra and Erica who chose the shape of a circle. They had gorgeous pop out circles on the sides, as well as some cute little pom pom circles on the top of the pup’s head. Everything on their pup was clean and adorable with a little flair to show who they are as groomers too!

Next up was Phillip and Josh who chose the shape of a helix. Interesting choice! Their lines were super clean, the pup’s head was super floofy, and the paws and tail were colored these absolutely gorgeous shades of blue and indigo almost! Plus, a little gemstone action on the ears and bodice to top it all off! Marvelous!

Ninth in line, and finishing up this second Immunity Puppertunity challenge was Deb and Jordan who chose the shape of a something that to their liking wasn’t executed; however, the way that they groomed their pup was absolutely gorgeous and really made it look super tall and majestic nonetheless! Winning last week, they had a lot of pressure to live up to, I’m certain of it! But….Great job with that, folks!

And the winners of this first Immunity Puppertunity….Macie and Corina!

The second half of the episode was occupied by Pooch Perfect’s second Ultimutt Challenge….Happy Holi-dogs; the rules? Take a normal adorable pup and essentially transform their look into something inspired by your the team’s fave holiday, such as Christmas (tree of course).

“Release the Hounds!”

Now, here’s what each team decided to transform their pups into on the official Dog Walk:

  • Blake & Bobby: Cinco de Mayo (mustache, booty marracas, and festive Mexican flag-style colors)
  • Tierra & Erica: Christmas (red and green paws with respective sparkly colored bows, red ears, green tail, and a beautifully painted string of classic dome-shaped sparkly Christmas lights on the bodice)
  • Deb & Jordan: Chinese New Year of the Ox (gorgeous and bright pink cherry blossom flowers painted on the head and near the booty, red painted Ox on the side of the bodice, and a lantern painted just near the painted Ox as well, followed by 2021 painted on the other side in bright blue colored paint)
  • Riza & Sarah: Chinese New Year of the Ox (red and gold flared out lantern paintings on the paws, spikey red and gold elements of fur, including golden eyebrows, golden sparkly spray all over)
Skechers, Doug the Pug
Skechers, Doug the Pug /
  • Macie & Corina: National Donut Day (yellow and pink donuts on both sides of the body, colored paws to match the opposite colored donuts, sprinkles on top – duh, topped off with a cherry on pup’s gorgeous tiny little head)
  • Adrian & Bria: Valentine’s Day( (gorgeous baby pink dye on the body, fuschia colored paws, followed by a sparkly collar, some rhinestones throughout, and a heart on the precious chest and tail as well alike)
  • Phillip & Josh: New Years Even in NYC (classic black and gold NYE top hat, countdown clock painted on the right side of pup, golden lit up firework accents, classic golden beads around the collar/neck, finished off with a teal dyed tail for some added additional fit and flare)
  • Gabriel & Monse: Christmas (made to look like Santa’s cutest and fluffiest elf with buttons on their ‘collared shirts’, candy cane painted patterns on the hind legs and booty, tail to be groomed like rainbow-colored classic Christmas dome-shaped lights, adorably groomed Santa/Elf hat on top, followed by/finished off with a golden bow – of course)
  • Alyssa & Justin: Halloween (classic Jack-O-Lantern lighting up with twinkling, sprinkling lights within them and painted on the front poofy chest, groomed head and bodice to look like a b/w skeleton, ghosts groomed and shaped on the legs, and a black cat peeking out from near the hind legs all together)

And finally after all of that….

My Personal Pick for Best in Show: Alyssa & Justin’s Halloween Dog or Gabriel & Monse’s Christmas Elf Dog

I personally can’t choose my least favorite, though.

BEST IN SHOW: Alyssa & Justin (A.K.A. as Host Wilson said herself exactly “The Life of the Holiday Party”!)

ELIMINATED TEAM: Tierra & Erica (A.K.A. as Host Wilson said herself exactly “The team that’s about to get neutered)

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That’s a wrap for Pooch Perfect episode 2, Feliz Navidog! As Rebel said it herself: “Good Night and Good Dog!”

What are your thoughts on Pooch Perfect episode 2? Let us know who your Best in Show was and your intel on the eliminated team! Woof, Woof!