8 Flowers that are safe for our dogs to be around and 4 that can be deadly

Dog resting on the grease near surf beach in Ervik, Norway August 17th 2017
Dog resting on the grease near surf beach in Ervik, Norway August 17th 2017 /

Spring is here and now is the time many of us turn to the outdoors for gardening, planting, and planning what flowers will be in the yard. However, when you have dogs, it is important to know what plants and flowers are safe for them to be around and get into, as well as which might actually be hazardous.

As warmer weather heads our way, it’s not just the people who want to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. Our dogs will also want to get outside to play in the grass, sniff the flowers, and basically enjoy some sunshine.

And if you have a yard where your pup might be given some free reign, planning out your gardening is important. After all, just because those flowers are beautiful, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are safe.

So which flowers are safe for our dogs and which are more harmful? We did some digging (all puns intended), and came up with some beautiful flowers for our Spring planting that are still dog-friendly. And we also have a few that we recommend avoiding.

Which flowers are dog safe and which are less friendly for our pups?

8 Flowers that are safe for our dogs

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According to Dachshund Station, roses are not only beautiful and colorful, but they are actually relatively safe for our dogs to be around. Sure there are thorns, but the roses themselves are not toxic which is the real concern when it comes to pretty flowers in our garden.


As someone who loves Snapdragons, it was a relief to learn that these are actually dog safe. While they are an annual flower that is self-seeding, the important part is the fact that we can plant them and have dogs. It’s a win-win.


Whether it is the Moon Orchid or the Moth Orchid, these lovely flowers are non-toxic to dogs. However, there is a caveat to this as they do tend to want fertilizer, which can be hazardous to our dog’s health. This is one of those flowers that is itself safe, but may require a bit of planning if you do decide to add them to your home.


I love seeing dogs running through fields of Sunflowers, so knowing that these are a safe flower for our pups is great news. It also means that if we want to add these beauties to our garden then we absolutely can.

Bee Balm

Looking for something unique to add to add to your garden that will not only add a delightful smell to the area, but also offers up some color? Then you may want to ask your local garden store about Bee Balm. Here is a flower that comes in shades of white, red, purple, and pink, and that is also safe for our pups.


Petunias are a perfect Spring flower and they are dog-safe. Right there we have a winner. The fact that these are also perennials, meaning they will grow back after the summer season is over, makes these an absolute must for garden lovers looking for flowers that will continue to add color to the area.


Want a beautiful flower that comes in a variety of colors, while also being safe for our dogs? Then you need to add Pansies to your garden. Not only do they come in red, orange, blue, and purple (to name a few), but they are actually edible! (Not that we want our dogs eating the flowers, but things happen.)


If you happen to live in an area that consistently gets warmer temperatures, you may want to give Jasmine a try. Here is a beautiful flower that thrives on warmth and is safe for the pups. While it does tend to need a little bit of extra care, it is still a worthy addition to your garden as a dog owner.

4 Flowers to avoid as a dog owner


While there are actually a few varieties of Lilies that are dog safe, there are still plenty of others that are toxic to both dogs and cats. According to Cesar’s Way, among the Lilies that are particularly poisonous to our felines and canines we have the “Peace, Peruvian, and Calla.” And that isn’t even taking into account the “Asiatic, Day, Easter, Tiger and Japanese Show lilies,” which are toxic enough to cause kidney failure with just a few petals.


One of the more popular flowers in the world, Tulips are actually quite poisonous to our dogs and our cats. In fact, “symptoms of tulip ingestion include intense vomiting, depression, diarrhea, hypersalivation, drooling and lack of appetite.” They may be beautiful, but the reality is that they are clearly not safe for our animals. It is important to note that the poisonous aspect of the Tulips is located in their bulbs, which is something to be mindful of when you have a dog that enjoys digging in the dirt no matter where they are.


While Azaleas may be lovely, they can also be toxic to our dogs, especially if they have a habit of nibbling on things. The poisonous area of this flower is typically the leaves and while a tiny but may not do much beyond causing a bit of tummy discomfort, anymore than that can lead to toxic shock. In fact, even the honey produced by bees who have frequented the Azalea can be a bit dangerous in children. Check out Poison.org for more details about this pretty but poisonous flower.


I have always thought Daffodils were beautiful, however I had no idea that they were actually dangerous to our dogs. It turns out that these pretty flowers contain an alkaline substance that when ingested can lead to “vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and even cardiac arrhythmia.” They may be beautiful, but if you have dogs it is best to avoid these Spring flowers.

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There are so many flowers, plants, and trees in the world and while we could easily come up with so many safe or potentially hazardous options in a garden, why not start with some of the more common beauties. It is always a good idea to ask questions before adding something new to your pup’s environment, especially when it comes to flowers/plants.