Pooch Perfect, Episode 1 Review: From Grotty to Hottie

POOCH PERFECT - “From Grotty to Hottie” – “Pooch Perfect,” the Rebel Wilson-hosted dog grooming competition series showcasing the best creative groomers in the country, premieres TUESDAY, MARCH 30 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Christopher Willard)POOCH PERFECT
POOCH PERFECT - “From Grotty to Hottie” – “Pooch Perfect,” the Rebel Wilson-hosted dog grooming competition series showcasing the best creative groomers in the country, premieres TUESDAY, MARCH 30 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Christopher Willard)POOCH PERFECT /

Everyone has seen some pretty outrageous things in life, including some dog owners that not only love to dress up their dogs, but also groom them in some pretty fancy and outrageous ways. If this is your thing, then be sure to tune in every Tuesday night at 7 pm central time for the brand new show on ABC called Pooch Perfect!

Episode One premiered on March 30 and let’s just say that we are so looking forward to the rest of the season already!

The show begins by showing a very adorable exchange of words between host Rebel Wilson and her fur baby Rusty, as he takes us through a cartoony world (in his dreams) of creative dog grooming. Here’s what’s happening on Pooch Perfect:

  • 10 of the top dog grooming teams will compete
  • Only 1 team will be crowned….Pooch Perfect

Let’s get ready for some beautiful dog grooming specialists with Pooch Perfect!!

Upon the episode beginning, the set of the show is absolutely gorgeous! Colors everywhere, dogs everywhere, and all ten teams raring and ready to go!

Since this is Episode One, let’s first start out by talking about how Rebel did as a host. Personally, I thought she was great (and normally, I’m not really a fan of hers at all); she was fun, energetic, and truly the perfect person to host the show, given that she is a fellow dog-lover (and owner) herself, as well as being a 4th generation dog shower, having many championships won!


Each week, there will be two different challenges: Immunity Puppertunity (the winning team is safe from being eliminated that given week) and Ultimutt Challenge (the grooming creations will be displayed on….the Dog Walk)!

Each week, there will also be a top dog (winners) and the bottom team, as Wilson put it “all bark, and no spark”.

Pomeranian /

The judges for this *ruff* competition will be the following three people:

  1. Dr. Callie Harris (Veterinarian and Purina Ambassador)
  2. Jorge Bendersky (Celebrity Dog Groomer and Best-selling Author)
  3. Lisa Vanderpump (Founder of The Vanderpump Dog Foundation – rescuing tons of doggies everywhere)
  4. BONUS: Puffy the Rescue (Vanderpump’s actual dog) who’s profession reads “Professional Dog”. So cute!

What will the winners get? A commemorative trophy and “the largest prize is dog grooming history” of $100,000! How sweet is that?!

Now, let’s move on to the rest of the show itself….

First up, the Immunity Puppertunity: Heart Dog challenge, where the dog groomers will take a scruffy pup and turn them into a show dog, all inspired by their very first Heart Dogs (the dog that initially got them into being dog lovers in the first place).

Then….the pooches were released and they all went to their respective teams….the cutest part of the entire episode, let me tell ya.

Every team told us their stories about their very own Heart Dogs, and let’s be honest, it felt like someone cut onions, if you get what we’re trying to say here….

The little animations every time they came back from commercials just added to the fit and flare of the show in general. Dogs just melt my heart in general, so all of their little faces completely sold it for me. I’m officially hooked now, as if I already wasn’t (yeah right).

First up was Macie and Corina….with inspiration from their Heart Dog Vlad, they cleanly groomed their pooch, with some finishing rhinestones on the ears.

Next was Alyssa and Justin….with inspiration from their Heart (rescue) Dog Yoshi, they created his signature orange mohawk look pooch perfectly.

Then came Adrian and Bria….with inspiration from their Heart Dog Porcia, they created a colorful girly style, all tied together with the most adorable little sweater.

Fourth in line was Tiara and Erica…with inspiration from their Heart Dog Lovie, they created a pretty baby pink look with that tad bit of true princess sparkle that all dogs truly deserve, right?!

Next up we had Riza and Sarah….with inspiration from their Heart Dog Mr. Whiskers, they created a very clean look with an adorable finishing bowtie, followed by some teal color and shapes in the fur.

Then there was Phillip and Josh….with inspiration from their Heart Dog Rider, they created the most fabulous look with a tad bit of a side-swiped hair sort of look….too cute.

Coming in hot there was Gabriel and Monse….with inspiration from their Heart Dog Lauren, they created a beautiful pink inspired look, with some gorgeously slick hearts on the back towards the tail, finished up with a heart collar (safely, of course) around her neck. Awesome.

Eighth in line was Deb and Jordan….with inspiration from their Heart Dog Mako, they created a gorgeous, slightly striped look with some rhinestones lining it, topped off with a full rhinestone collar.

Second to the final was Blake and Bobby….with inspiration from their Heart Dog Fiona, they created a beautiful pink heart on the hip, and a sparkly pink heart on the ears; adorable.

Finishing up this first Immunity Puppertunity was Jayne and Donny….with inspiration from their Heart Dog Vader, they created a super decked out fab look, all included with rhinestones, furry bracelets, and a gorgeous rhinestone pattern on her forehead.

And the winners of this first Immunity Puppertunity….Deb and Jordan!

The second half of the show was occupied by the very first Ultimutt Challenge….Unleash the Beast; the rules? Taking a normal adorable pup and essentially transforming them into a different animal!

Now, here’s what each team decided to transform their pups into on the official Dog Walk:

  • Alyssa & Justin: Iberian Lynx (gorgeous black spots and super detailed pointy ears)
  • Adrian & Bria: Flamingo (super bright pink colors and to-the-tee mouth/face details of a Flamingo in general)
  • Deb & Jordan: Badger (adorable little black legs and super recognizable face patterns all around)
  • Riza & Sarah: Tiger (super detailed stripes and identical coloring overall)
  • Tiara & Erica: Leopard (super colorful spots, super detailed spots, and a little rhinestones never hurt)
  • Macie & Corina: Skunk (d**n perfect striping and shaping, and cute little flower topper accessories to go right along with an adorably feminine skunk)
  • Phillip & Josh: Peacock (adorable add-on feathers and super bright funky colors)
  • Blake & Bobby: Elephant (surprising results with an adorable face on the puppy booty with a super cute tail-trunk; way to go)
  • Jayne & Donny: Fire Ant (adorable antennas, sparkly feet, and a sparkly bow collar)
  • Gabriel & Monse: Goldfish (perfect scales and gorgeous teal/blue coloring on the ears)

And finally after all of that….

My Personal Pick for Best in Show: Macie & Corina’s Skunk

I personally can’t choose my least favorite, though.

BEST IN SHOW: Gabriel & Monse


Hot. Actress Kristen Bell adopts the most adorable three-legged dog named Whiskey!. light

That’s a wrap for Episode/Week One of Pooch Perfect: From Grotty to Hottie! As Rebel said it herself: “Good Night and Good Dog”!

What are your thoughts on Pooch Perfect after Night One? Let us know who your Best in Show was and your intel on the eliminated team! Woof, Woof!