INNSiDE by Meliá New York Nomad partners with to enhance their current pet program

Dine & Stay with your dog at The Wilson. Image courtesy of The Wilson x Paw - photo credit: Armando Rafael / dog credit: @SafariMou
Dine & Stay with your dog at The Wilson. Image courtesy of The Wilson x Paw - photo credit: Armando Rafael / dog credit: @SafariMou /

INNSiDE by Meliá New York Nomad is taking their current pet program up to the next level with the help of, and that means enhancing their pet and Day Stay offerings. So what does any of this mean?

If you are traveling with your pup and looking for a bit of luxury, then look no further than INNSiDE New York Nomad, a hotel that takes your overnight stay to the next level. Not only do they already offer a pet program that will leave your pooch feeling pampered and spoiled in equal measure, but with the help of (seriously this is the place to go to get ideas for spoiling your pup!), they are making those overnight stays even more decadent for our pups.

An example of this lux life for our pups comes in the form of the PupRug pet bed, a human-grade memory foam bed that uses faux fur for a touch of class and elegance. But wait there’s more! Let’s not forget the PupProtector throw blanket, which is a scratch-proof and waterproof blanket for your furry friend to luxuriate on that perfectly matches the pet bed.

So why is this such a special partnership? How about the fact that INNSiDE New York Nomad is making sure these pup-friendly amenities are available for travelers and people looking to work from home without actually working from home all year long. This is not just some one and done opportunity or experience. Instead, this is the lux life for travelers, people looking for a bit of a staycation, and of course those of us who are currently working from home but need a change of scenery, bringing their pups along for the ride. is helping INNSiDE by Meliá New York Nomad make staying overnight with your pups a luxurious experience

On top of the decadent offerings that make visiting INNSiDE so much fun for both you and your pup, there is a Day Stay program that lets people bring their pups with them as they use hotel services for work at a discounted rate, your pup can enjoy outdoor lounging just like us, and there is even a limited time dog menu!

Inspired by this partnership, there is a two-course dog friendly menu at The Wilson, the hotels in-house restaurant. This means that while you are enjoying a delicious meal, your pup can as well, and it’s more than just a can of wet food! We are talking a true dining delight for your dog to enjoy.

If ever there was a time to take your pup and enjoy a little downtime and relaxation, this might be it, especially with the help of and INNSiDE!

Obviously there are fees associated with your pup joining you, whether for a Day Stay or an overnight. And yes, there are some limitations as well. I recommend checking out the hotel’s page on bringing your pup with you for more details on all the ways and INNSiDE are making things easier for all of us.

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Travel might not look the same as it used to right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a little luxury away. And that includes enjoying some alone time with our furry friends.