Netflix’s Canine Intervention star offers advice to dog owners

Jas Leverette in episode 1 “Lady Macbeth” of Canine Intervention: Season 1. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021
Jas Leverette in episode 1 “Lady Macbeth” of Canine Intervention: Season 1. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021 /

Canine Intervention premiered on Feb. 24, 2021, to a large audience who have taken note of dog trainer Jas Leverette’s tips and tricks! Now, he’s back with more advice.

Earlier this week, People sat down with Canine Intervention star Jas Leverette to share some advice on successful dog training and his journey. The source shares that as well-behaved as one believes their dog to be, there is one piece of advice we should all know.

I believe one can never know too much about training good boys (and girls), so I’m all ears!

Canine Intervention premiered to some controversy. While most audiences loved what the series had to teach, a few found Leverette’s methods harsh. In my humble opinion, I thought the methods used and the tips suggested were just fine. I even put a few into practice with my pups right away.

Canine Intervention: Jas Leverette’s best piece of advice

Leverette shares that finding your dog’s motivation, their favorite reward, is incredibly important. He tells the source:

"“Figure out what makes your dog tick. Each dog is different, so we need to figure out what is your dog’s dopamine, and leverage that.”"

We did cover this tip in our previous feature about the series. Training becomes much easier when you know what motivates your dog to obey. They’ll happily listen if they know their favorite treat is the reward.

Some dogs are all about treats, okay, I’d say that’s most dogs (I know both of mine are), but others prefer playing with you or a new toy to chew up and destroy. Do you know what your dog’s biggest motivation is?

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