The Walking Dead: Did Norman Reedus get to keep Daryl’s puppy?

Dog - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 21 - Photo Credit: Eli Ade/AMC
Dog - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 21 - Photo Credit: Eli Ade/AMC /

A man’s best friend is a pup, even for lone wolf Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. In fact, Norman Reedus loved Dog so much that he wanted to keep him, but did he?

On AMC’s The Walking Dead, if you have been keeping up with the series, fan favorite Daryl Dixon (Reedus) has a new best friend! A pal that has quickly become everyone’s favorite TV pet. I’m of course talking about Dog (yes, that’s the pup’s name), a canine friend Daryl stumbled upon.

Needless to say, Daryl and Dog are inseparable. And, honestly, the name Dog suits the pawfriend perfectly. “Daryl and Dog” just makes sense.

Recently, we learned more about Dog and how Daryl and Dog met in season 10, episode 18, “Find Me.” When Dog’s owner Leah (Lynn Collins) disappears, Daryl takes care of Dog.

Does Norman Reedus keep his The Walking Dead pal?

In a behind-the-scenes video, Reedus comments:

"“That dog is my favorite flavor of dog. I just love German Shepherds, and to see that as a puppy really geeked me out. The first thing I said is, ‘Can I have him? Can I have him? Can I have him?'”"

Cute! As you can already guess, they told him no! How dare they, right? But at least it brought Reedus a lot of happiness and he looked forward to filming with the pup each day.

It was great watching the episode and learning more about where and who Dog came from and how he connected with Daryl.

Reedus is a true friend of the animals! As ComicBook shares, the actor has long been wanting to pair up his character with a canine pal. The source writes that he “spent years hounding the Walking Dead producers” about the idea of Daryl getting a dog.

Well, his wish has been granted and fans love it!

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I have to agree with Reedus, German Shepherds are some of the best dogs out there!

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