The Walking Dead bonus episode to feature Daryl Dixon’s dog

Dog - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 21 - Photo Credit: Eli Ade/AMC
Dog - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 21 - Photo Credit: Eli Ade/AMC /

AMC’s The Walking Dead will be putting one of the most popular TV dogs front and center in a new, upcoming bonus episode. Prepare to learn all about Daryl Dixon’s dog!

According to CBR, the origin story of Daryl’s dog will be explored in one of The Walking Dead‘s six bonus episodes. And if we love anything that’s on TV, it’s obviously TV pups! So when we learned about this, we got super excited. The Walking Dead plus dogs? Yes, please!

Have you been keeping up with the walker series? If not, you may be thinking, “since when does Daryl have a dog?” as many former fans did. Well, you’ve been missing out! It’s never too late to jump in to watch. So if you’ve been in need of some motivation to pick up The Walking Dead again, Daryl’s dog is it.

The Walking Dead bonus episode to feature Daryl’s canine bestie

The source shares that new episodes of the AMC series will include the origin story of a very special character, Dog (yes, this is his name), “the mysterious canine companion of Daryl Dixon,” writes CBR.

Daryl Dixon, portrayed by Norman Reedus, has always been a bit of a loner. Even now, as much as he loves his friends (who have really become family), he enjoys relaxing on his own. That is, unless he’s with Dog, his new bestie.

Showrunner Angela Kang teases that these bonus episodes will feature stories that focus on “people’s past that affect the future,” so we’re glad Dog’s origin story will be included!

What do you think about Daryl and Dog? If Daryl were to give the pup an actual name, which name do you think best suits Dog? Let us know in the comments, we would love to hear your ideas! How about, Walker Slayer? No? Okay.

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The Walking Dead returns with season 10, episode 17, this Sunday, Feb. 28. Watch the episode early on AMC Premiere!