Paway is the dog walking app that offers you peace of mind and more

Described as “Waze for Dogs,” Paway is the app for walking your dog safely. It’s peace of mind and more, as you track your pup on their daily walks.

Following the news about what happened to Lady Gaga’s dog walker and dogs, many dog owners have expressed a sense of worry over safety. And that makes sense, as there have been reports of dog-nappings revolving around certain breeds in the past, which doesn’t even take into account what happened with Lady Gaga.

However, Paway wants to help bring a sense of security to your life. According to their site, this app was designed to help “Make dog walking smart, safe & fun.”

So how does the app do this? And why do you want to download it as soon as possible?

Paway is the ultimate dog walking app

When you are on a walk with your pup you can receive live updates regarding what is happening on your route thanks to their Paw Reports. Using the app, you can update with emergency situations, other dogs that may be aggressive or unfriendly, report for any dogs you see wandering in the neighborhood by themselves, keep track of your pups walking goals, and even keep track of whether or not your dog has gone to the bathroom.

At the end of your walk, your pup gets a detailed report to keep track of how far they traveled, what they did on their walk, and how long they were out as well. But that’s not all, as they also help you pick the safest route for you and your pup to enjoy your doggy adventures.

Basically Paway helps you pick the safest route for your dog’s next walk, while also keeping track of what they are doing on those walks. It is all about keeping your pup healthy and safe, while also offering us all some peace of mind.

We love when technology helps to make our lives easier. And with Paway, it is not only about making our life (and our dog’s life) easier, it is also about making it better and safer.

Have you heard of Paway before? Will you be adding Paway to your phone? What do you think of this app and what it does? Tell us in the comments below.