Bernie Sanders has inspired the latest dog toy from the people at Bark and BarkBox

It’s the mittens that created a social media frenzy! The Bernie Sanders inaugural mittens are now the inspiration for a very special dog toy courtesy of the people behind the BarkBox.

That’s right, those dog-loving people at the Bark offices have gone all out and created their very own “Bernie’s Paw Warmers” dog toy. And we are here for it!

In a post shared to the BarkBox Instagram page, they explained that they had finally done it! They officially created their own version of Bernie Sanders’ mittens with a doggy twist. And they even found the perfect pup to help show off the newest addition to their toy lineup – Noodle, a 12-year-old Pug with the perfect grumpy face!

Perhaps the best part of the Bernie’s Paw Warmers dog toy is the fact that Bark and BarkBox are taking a page from Sanders’ page. While the Senator used his likeness on a t-shirt to help support charity in his home state, the good people at Bark are doing something similar.

Bark takes inspiration from Bernie Sanders and his iconic mittens for new dog toy

According to the post where they share the news of these new mittens, they explain that proceeds from the sales of this dog toy will be donated to PAWSitive Pantry of Vermont. PAWSitive Pantry is an organization that helps provide aid to families in need. They also bring food for dogs and cats in need, making sure “pantry shelves” are stocked and ready to keep our furry friends well-fed.

If ever there was a time to grab some mittens, this would be it. Not only do you get your pup their own little paw warmers (to play with at least), but you are supporting a good cause. And the fact that it is a great way to pay homage to Bernie Sanders and his iconic moment at President Biden‘s inauguration just makes it that much more fun.

Are you going to snag these Bernie’s Paw Warmers for your pup? Will you actually give these to your pup to play with? Tell us in the comments below.