2021 Valentine’s Day Dog Twitter had all the love and good feelings

Canadian Penny on adventures. Photos provided by Penny's mom
Canadian Penny on adventures. Photos provided by Penny's mom /

2021 Valentine’s Day Dog Twitter had all the love and good feelings.

The warm fuzzies come from a variety of our favorite doggos being themselves, of course, and celebrating the howliday in their own ways – seeing their different traditions is part of what makes February 14 a little more special.

While many dogs spent the howliday celebrating their favorite humans, cat siblings or best friends, there was an extra dose of canine comfort going around, which is appropriate for a major snowstorm inside of a pandemic.

And, of course, there are the power couples among the Dogs of Twitter – some familiar, some fairly new.

2021 Valentine’s Day Dog Twitter was great.

Violet the Newfy (@Violet_theNewfy) made sure to celebrate her boyfriend Rally the Silver Lab (@ThoughtsofRally), though she also made sure to wish everyone else a a pleasant day as well.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. I hope you all are having a great day,” she wrote.

Meanwhile up north, the scientific community’s favorite Albertan Golden Retriever in Beaker the Science Pup (@BunsenBernerBMD) had her doggo version of a prom as she was asked out on a Zoom date by Benson the Golden (@CGBosslady1), wearer of many fancy bow ties.

“What follows is adorable and silly but is earnest and lovely,” a bemused Bunsen shared on a video.

Bunsen also got into the howliday spirit by penning a Valentine’s Day poem, pawsibly inspired by another Albertan dog a few hours north in Edmonton, Kuno the Servicerottie (@servicerotties).

Kuno is the resident Dog Twitter weatherdog, but in addition to his meteorological prowess, this Rottweiler also works hard as a service dog for his mom, increasing awareness for the ways modern life is structured in a way difficult to the disabled along the way. He is also part of the hockey dog community, cheering on the hometown Oilers.

In the past few weeks he and our pal Canadian Penny have struck up a long-distance romance, which is pretty adorable. They’ve been sending each other poetry, and exchanged Valentine’s Day gifts through the mail (he got some toys and a snorty pig, she got an owlball and maple bacon ice cream mix).

And while dogs are perfect, there is no relationship yet that doesn’t have some flaws – in their case, tensions rise when his Oilers play her Canadiens or Senators, which happens a lot this very weird 2020-21 NHL season with the pandemic-realigned divisions.

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