AKC Naturals offers a training spray to help stop the chewing

AKC Naturals. Image by Kimberly Spinney
AKC Naturals. Image by Kimberly Spinney /

Are you looking to stop the destructive habit of chewing in your home? Then you may want to grab a bottle of the AKC Naturals Don’t Chew There training spray.

Over the years, I have lived with any number of dogs and puppies. And one thing that nearly all of them had in common was the bad habit of chewing. Whether it was chewing on the couch, shoes, the bottoms of doors, or basically anything they can get their teeth around, there have been some pups in my life who have needed some extra training when it came to stopping the chewing.

One of the best products to help with this training has long been bitter sprays. That’s why when I came across the AKC Naturals Don’t Chew There Training Spray, I had to learn more. After all, if it is coming from the American Kennel Club (AKC) then it has to be good.

The first time I found a bottle of this training spray was during a trip to Marshall’s. In fact, the retailer had so many products in the AKC Naturals line that I knew I needed to learn all about the different products on offer. And I am so glad I did.

AKC Naturals has the perfect training spray to stop destructive chewing

While Marshall’s may have been where I first came across the AKC Naturals line, it was far from the last. In fact, Big Lots is another place to find this training spray and more.

But back to the Don’t Chew There. This product is a naturally bitter spray that is made using “naturally derived plants and extracts.” The bitter flavor coats your dog’s tongue to stop them from chewing where you have sprayed.

While the product is bitter, it is not harmful. It is a lot like biting into a citrus peel, not always pleasant, but not something that is going to hurt us.

The purpose of the spray is simply to act as a barrier between your dog and what they are trying to chew. After one or two times of getting the bitter spray in their mouth, the goal is to dissuade them from chewing on things they shouldn’t be chewing.

Although there have been times where I have had a stubborn dog who continued their destructive behavior (further training required), with AKC Naturals and their training spray, there are less instances of chewing where chewing is not allowed.

Sometimes you just need that added bit of help and that’s what this spray offers. It’s no fuss, no mess, and perfectly safe.

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Have you ever used bitter sprays to train your dog not to chew? Have you seen the AKC Naturals products in a store near you? Tell us in the comments.