Marshall’s has all the dog beds you never knew your dog needed

Dog beds on display at Marshall's. Taken by Kimberley Spinney
Dog beds on display at Marshall's. Taken by Kimberley Spinney /

Head to Marshall’s if you need new dog beds for your pup or pups

While pet supply stores might be the go to location for all your dog’s needs, including dog beds, you may want to head to Marshall’s instead. Not only will you find great deals and a wide variety to choose from, but sometimes you can even find pieces that match your decor perfectly.

I have found sofa inspired dog beds, Serta mattresses for our dogs, and so much more, just by walking the aisles of Marshall’s. And no matter what your style aesthetic may be, your pup can get the best night’s sleep ever just by finding the perfect bed,

Whether you opt for a Serta dog bed or an Ava Comfy Cuddler, there is a bed for every pup. And that includes our larger dogs too. Personally, I love coming across the pillow like dog beds that act as cozy cushions on the floor. And if they happen to have an adorable print to them, like paws or dog bones, then that makes them even better.

Speaking of cozy floor cushions, I will admit that there have been times when I have looked to the dog beds at Marshall’s to make a cozy reading nook happen. After all, until your dog actually sleeps on the bed, it is still a perfectly good cushion for sitting on the floor with.

Marshall’s is the place for perfect dog beds

Perhaps the thing I love the most about shopping for dog beds at Marshall’s is the fact that there is such a wide variety to choose from and the prices are so affordable. Instead of having to drop close to $100 (I have seen it and done it in the past), with the prices at Marshall’s you can grab a cozy, cute bed for as low as $9.99.

No matter why you want or need this new bed for your pup, you can count on Marshall’s to make it easy to spoil your furry friends.

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Have you ever bought dog supplies from Marshall’s? Are you a fan of their pet department? Tell us in the comments.