Dog-Eared Reads: Sit. Stay. Forever. by Angela Hunt is a reminder of how powerful our dogs can be in our lives.

Sit. Stay. Forever. by Angela Hunt. Image courtesy Hunt Haven Press
Sit. Stay. Forever. by Angela Hunt. Image courtesy Hunt Haven Press /

Looking for a dog loving book that reminds you of just how much your pup can change your life? Then you’ll want to pick up Sit. Stay. Forever. by Angela Hunt.

There are so many books on the market that revolve around dogs and the things that they do for us in our everyday life. And when it comes to a book that has an emotional impact you want something that really speaks to you. So what better way to experience the love of a dog in the form of words than with a book like Sit. Stay. Forever. by Angela Hunt.

What apparently started as verses of ideas and thoughts in a Facebook group became a book that does so much more than just showcase our own emotional attachment to our canines. Not only can you personalize this book in a small way, thanks to a page that allows you to include a picture of your own pup (or whoever you are giving the book to can add their own furry friend), but this is a chance to really feel something more.

The message behind this book is that while our dogs may not speak our language, that doesn’t mean they are not speaking to us. And if we pay attention to them, we can learn what it is that they have to say.

Dog lovers need to pick up Angela Hunt’s Sit. Stay. Forever

Whether it is the illustrations in the book or the words themselves, this is about more than the actual contents in between the covers, it is about what it makes you feel.

Perhaps it is the fact that I literally started crying while going through this book, but I can’t recommend this more. I love anything that moves me on a spiritual level and that is exactly what Hunt did with her work. She reached inside of my heart and reminded me why I love dogs in general, let alone my own.

Not only is this book perfect as a personal memento, but it is also the kind of gift that any dog lover would appreciate. If we could get our dogs to “Sit. Stay. Forever.” in our lives, perhaps we would live a life that is even more enriched than ever before.

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