Theresa Piasta of Puppy Mama shares her story and what inspired the upcoming book “Raising a Doodle”

Photo: Puppy Mama cover girls Jen and Peyton.. Photo Courtesy Theresa Piasta
Photo: Puppy Mama cover girls Jen and Peyton.. Photo Courtesy Theresa Piasta /

From Puppy Mama to the new book, “Raising a Doodle,” Theresa Piasta is connecting dog owners around the country and the world. And we had the chance to talk to her about her dog loving endeavors.

When it comes to having a dog in our life, we know how important they can be to us. Not only are dogs known to improve one’s health, but they also offer support and guidance in many ways. And for Theresa Piasta, a former Army Captain, who was diagnosed with PTSD after her service to our country, owning a dog was a truly transformative experience.

With the help of her Cavapoo puppy, Waffles, Piasta has found a new calling in life, and it is one that she is hoping to share with the world. In fact, thanks to her Puppy Mama platform, which has helped to bring women (and men) from around the world together over their shared love of pups, Theresa Piasta has ventured into the world of publishing.

Raising a Doodle: Heartwarming Stories from Dog Parents Around the World, is the first book to come thanks to Piasta and her relationship with Waffles. And just like the title suggests, readers will be treated to a variety of stories and tips for raising a Doodle, that include heartwarming moments that any dog owner can appreciate.

The book is scheduled to be released this Fall, but according to Theresa Piasta, this will not be the last book. In fact, while speaking to her about Raising a Doodle and Puppy Mama, she shared that they are already working on the next book as well, and are looking for new submissions. This means that if you have a story to share, now is the perfect time, as they are always looking for new stories. (You can even check Puppy Mama out on Instagram and share your story there as well.)

Much like what they will be offering in Raising a Doodle, the next book will once again feature personal stories about the day-to-day life of living with a pup. And we are not just talking about Doodles either, as Piasta told us that there are plans to potentially bring stories of other breeds and their owners to print as well.

In talking with Piasta, it was clear to see that she is all about making this world a more dog-friendly place and bringing dog lovers together in a way that allows for a true community feel. From sharing personal stories about being a “puppy mama” to offering up individual tips and tricks about training and living with a pup, Theresa Piasta has truly built a community around being a dog owner.

But that’s not all, as it is clear that she wants to spread the love as much as possible. Thanks to her connection with Waffles and how owning the pup has given her life new meaning, Piasta is hoping to make a difference by not only putting out everything from books that remind us of Chicken Soup for the Soul, to children’s books and of course continuing to build the Puppy Mama platform as a means to connect dog parents around the world.

In fact, I would have to say that getting the chance to talk to Theresa Piasta was an inspiring experience all on its own. Not only is she passionate about what she is doing, but she is also extremely humble and joyful. She is clearly excited to be sharing not only her story with the world, but all of the Doodle stories in the book. And there is something entirely charming about listening to her talk about all of the work that went into Raising a Doodle, as it is truly a passion project for her.

The future looks bright for Piasta, Waffles, Puppy Mama, and Raising a Doodle. And we can’t wait to see what comes next, as there seems to be an endless amount of material to work with thanks to the joys of being a dog owner.

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We definitely recommend checking out the Puppy Mama platform, as it is a great way to connect with other dog parents in the world. And of course, you will want to follow their Instagram account, as it is loaded with great pictures and stories of the adorable, wild, and truly amazing things our dogs do.