HomeAdvisor gives us a look at how our dogs see their home

Human Vision vs Dogs. Image courtesy of HomeAdvisor
Human Vision vs Dogs. Image courtesy of HomeAdvisor /

Have you ever wondered what your dog sees when they look around the house? HomeAdvisor is gives us a look at dog vision versus human vision.

In what I am calling a dog’s eye view (because I can), HomeAdvisor is giving us all a chance to experience the world the way our pets see it. And considering most of their world is our home, that means getting more of an idea of what they see inside a room such as the living room.

While HomeAdvisor did give us a glimpse at how a few different pets see our homes (think cats, snakes, birds, etc.), we chose to focus on our dogs for obvious reasons. And maybe it is just me, but it was fascinating. Not only is it a reminder that their perspective is different than ours, even in smaller ways, but it is also a reminder that while we think of our pups as being color-blind, they actually can see some color, just not as much as we do.

Loving our home and our pets means sometimes we have to accomodate our furry friends, while also protecting the things in our home. Plus, you might want your home to look a certain way, while still having your pup enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Either way, we think it might be a good thing to get a better idea of what our pup sees.

HomeAdvisor gives us a look at dog vision versus human vision

So what exactly does your dog see? HomeAdvisor has the answer:

"Your dog will take just about any style you make at home and turn it into a pastel-colored coastal living kind of affair. Dogs see muted combinations of the colors filtered by their two-cone eyes: blue and yellow. They may only have 20-40% of the visual acuity (ability to make out shapes and details) of their owners. But on the up-side, they have a wide, 240-degree field of vision – which is why they never miss you sneaking into the kitchen."

Dog Vision vs Humans. Image courtesy of HomeAdvisor /

Honestly, I never thought about the idea that our dogs are transforming our homes into a pastel landscape. It means that they are getting a much different look at things, and it might just be a lot nicer from their perspective than ours.

As a fan of coastal design trends, it does leave me wondering how they perceive a home that is already using those color palettes or if it just means that they are seeing the home in a very similar way to how we see it. Either way, it is fascinating to get a sneak peak at our pup’s vision.

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After seeing how your dog sees your home versus how you see the home (the featured image is a human’s vision), would you be interested in seeing how our other pets see their home? Tell us in the comments below.