Dog treats have gotten festive this season with the help of Bocce’s Bakery and Target

Bocce's Bakery Ginger Snaps and Red Velvet Soft & Chewy Dog Treats. Image by Kimberley Spinney
Bocce's Bakery Ginger Snaps and Red Velvet Soft & Chewy Dog Treats. Image by Kimberley Spinney /

Dog treats have gotten a festive makeover this year thanks to Target

Looking for a festive and fun treat for your pup this season? Check out the variety of dog treats that Target is offering this year. And one of our favorite treats so far might just be the two festive flavors from Bocce’s Bakery!

Not only is Bocce’s Bakery offering a Red Velvet chewy dog treat right now, but there is also a Ginger Snap treat as well. In festive bags decorated with little trees, reindeer, gifts, and gingerbread people, these treats are perfect for doggy stocking stuffers, under the tree gifts, and of course just spoiling our pup throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Dog treats inspired by our favorite holiday desserts make perfect stocking stuffers

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Coming across a bag of Red Velvet dog treats was definitely eye opening in a way. After all, it is a reminder that the foods we like are also acting as inspiration for the treats that our pups enjoy too. And while these are clearly dog-friendly takes on these dessert ready flavors, it’s fascinating to see Red Velvet being used for a dog treat of any kind.

With the Red Velvet, your pup is getting a recipe featuring peanut butter, cream cheese, and beets. Basically, it’s the perfect play off the classic dessert, but for our pups.

Then there is the Ginger Snaps dog treats which are once again inspired by a favorite holiday treat that many of us love. And once again, this treat is pup ready, this time using peanut butter, cinnamon and ginger.

No matter which flavor of treat you choose for your pup, it is clear that these are perfectly festive offerings this season. And the fact that you can snag bags of these treats right from the Target shelves makes shopping for your pup easier than ever this holiday.

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What do you think of Bocce’s Bakery and Target offering up these dessert inspired dog treats? Will you be picking up one of these treats? Which flavor do you think your dog would enjoy? Tell us in the comments.