2020 National Dog Show results: Who won this year?

Photo: National Dog Show/Steve Surfman
Photo: National Dog Show/Steve Surfman /

The 2020 National Dog Show results are in…

The 2020 National Dog Show results are in….who claimed Best in Show?

The event was hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia and held at the Greater Philadelphia Event Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania on November 14-15, and social distancing, mask wearing and other safety protocols were in place, with no fans in attendance – though there were fan cutouts, which was fun. (Of actual people, only judges, handlers, and TV production people were allowed into the arena.)

And though this year’s commentary was a bit strange, as David Frei and John O’Hurley were not able to be there in person, the 2020 National Dog Show was a grand event nonetheless. Also not participating was event sponsor Purina, due to the pandemic making sponsorship decisions difficult from a marketing perspective.

(For more on how dog shows work, see our guide to the basics and what the professionals wish the average viewer knew.)

Now, onto the 2020 National Dog Show results – additional information (such as registered names) was found on the website of the magazine Canine Chronicle.

Herding Group

Jimmy the Miniature American Shepherd, who comes from Denton, Texas (near Dallas), was victorious in the Herding Group. His official name is GCHP Love That Jimmy Fallon CM, which is pretty doggone amazing.

Also earning ribbons were a Berger Picard in second, a Puli in third and a Canaan Dog in fourth.

Hound Group

A Scottish Deerhound named Claire (whose registered name is GCH Claire Randall Frasier) from Flint Hill, Virginia, was Hound Group royalty in capturing the blue ribbon, which is only fitting, as her grandmother Hickory was Best in Show at the 2011 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, and her mother Chelsea was Reserve Best in Show at the 2015 NDS.

Also earning ribbons were a Petit Basset Griffon Verdeen taking the red, a Whippet (not Bourbon or Whiskey) the white and a Beagle the yellow.

Non-Sporting Group

Seattle resident Kam the Standard Poodle (officially GCHS Lakeridge Penhurst Ace in the Hole), who is named after the Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor, won the day in the Non-Sporting Group.

Also being honored were a Bichon Friese in second, and a Schipperke in third, while a French Bulldog rounded things out in fourth.

Sporting Group

Teddy the Springer Spaniel (registered as AmGCH CanCH Cerise Bonanza) from Oxford, Pennsylvania, was victorious in the Sporting Group.

Also placing were a German Shorthaired Pointer in second, a Golden Retriever in third and a Chesapeake Bay Retriever in fourth.

Terrier Group

Continuing the breed’s magnificent history in this event, a Wire Fox Terrier called Vinny (officially GCHB Irvonhill Voignier) from Newport, Rhode Island, captured the Terrier Group. Vinny was also the class winner at the 2020 WKC.

Also placing were a Miniature Bull Terrier in the second-place red position, Kerry Blue Terrier in the third-place white and a Norwich Terrier with the fourth-place yellow ribbon.

Toy Group

Winning the Toy Group this year was an Affenpinscher called Chester (officially GCHB Tamarin Tattoo), who hails from Houston, Texas.

Coming in second was a Havanese (NOT Bono, strangely enough), with a Miniature Pinscher winning third and a Smooth-Coated Chihuahua in fourth.

Working Group

Bowie, a Portuguese Water Dog from New York City, claimed the blue ribbon in the Working Group.

Also placing were a Boxer (not Wilma), a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Komondor, in that order.

Best in Show

Claire the Scottish Deerhound kept up the family legacy, as she claimed the Best in Show honors when the 2020 National Dog Show results came in. Coming in second as Reserve Best in Show was Toddy the Springer Spaniel.

“Claire has so many wonderful traits,” her owner/handler Angela Lloyd told Mary Carillo afterwards. “She embodies the same qualities (as Hickory and Chelsea). She is very similar to her grandmother, especially in the eyes.”

“We’re going to celebrate by going back to the farm, where she’s going to run around our 52 acres and enjoy being a dog.”

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Claire and Angela will appear on The Today Show on Friday, November 27, as part of their celebrations as well, so stay tuned for that.

Congratulations to all the group winners, who will now set their sights on the 2020 AKC National Championship, which will take place in Orlando in mid-December and likely air on Animal Planet on January 1, 2021.