Shark Tank introduces us to the idea of K9 Masks

Shark Tank introduces us to the entrepreneurs behind K9 Masks

On Nov. 20, a new episode of Shark Tank introduced us to the idea of K9 Masks, masks for our dogs to protect them from pollutants in the air. And while most of the sharks were less than impressed with the product or maybe even the pitch itself, one did in fact give it a chance.

After Evan Daugherty and Kirby Holmes offered up their pitch, showed of their masks for dogs, and ran the Shark Tank gauntlet, it was ultimately Daymond John who decided to invest in this product.

But what exactly are the K9 Masks and what do they do?

What to know about the K9 Masks featured on Shark Tank

According to Heavy, the masks, which are shaped like a cone of sorts to fit over a dog’s snout, start at $47.20 and were designed as a way to protect our dogs from air pollution. And during their presentation, Holmes and Daugherty actually pointed out that these masks are effective in protecting our dogs from not only the pollution and smoke from wildfires, but even the Red Tide that has been causing problems along coastal areas.

The duo finished creating these masks in 2019, although it did take time to get their funding together in order to offer them for sale to a larger audience. And since one of the best ways to raise funds for a project like this is through crowd-funding, it only makes sense that they started with a KickStarter campaign. (The campaign clearly worked and helped propel the duo into the world of Shark Tank.)

Among the pollutants that the mask is said to protect dogs from are, “vehicle emissions, industrial smog, dust, chemicals and toxins, mold and bacteria, oral allergies, volcanic ash and red tide.” And these masks are meant to help domestic dogs, as well as rescue dogs, service dogs, and more.

Obviously there are dogs of all shapes and sizes, which means that the K9 Masks need to accomodate all breeds of dogs. Designed to fit around your pup’s snout, “it’s adjustable to fit various breeds by changing the neck and muzzle strap sizes.”

With filters and layers of filtration, these masks are made to protect our dogs from anything in the environment that might be unhealthy for them. The fact that the filters can be replaced and the mask is also washable makes it an epic find for anyone looking to keep their dogs safe when the world around them is anything but.

After watching the K9 Masks presentation and reading up on the product, it seems like this is something that any dog lover would want to have on hand to protect their pup.

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