Newman’s Own offers dog treats that support bone and joint health

Newman's Own Hip & Join Snack Sticks. Photo Credit: Kimberley Spinney
Newman's Own Hip & Join Snack Sticks. Photo Credit: Kimberley Spinney /

Newman’s Own dog treats for Hip and Joint Health are a thing

Considering Newman’s Own is already a well-respected brand, delivering quality and flavor, it comes as no surprise that they offer their own dog treats. And while they offer a number of different treats for our pups to enjoy, it is definitely their Hip & Joint Chicken Recipe Snack Sticks that caught my eye. After all, it is important to pay attention to bone and joint health as our dogs get older.

I came across the Hip & Joint Snack Sticks while browsing the treats section at the grocery store. While the Newman’s Own section wasn’t nearly as varied as what they have up on their website, it did feature both the brand’s Hip & Joint Snacks Sticks, as well as the Skin & Coat sticks. With the Skin & Coat treat being a Salmon flavor, I knew it wouldn’t be a favorite of our staff pup, so we had to go with the Chicken flavor.

Newman’s Own gives us multiple, must-try dog treats

From Jerky to Snack Bites and the Snack Sticks that our staff pup taste tested, there really is something for every pup. And after snagging a bag of the Hip and Joint Snack Sticks, I can admit that our pup was pretty happy.

While it is definitely too soon to say if this treat is really helping with bone and joint health, the fact that these snacks feature Glucosamine and Chondroitin means that I know our pup is getting the supplements that even people need for keeping our joints healthy.

With chicken as the number one ingredient and with no grains and gluten, this is definitely the kind of treat any dog will love. I’m pretty happy that our pup loved these snack sticks, especially as she is getting older and it’s definitely important to pay attention to her hips and bones.

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Has your pup tried Newman’s Own dog treats? Do they have a favorite? Tell us in the comments.