Bagel Bites wants to know what kind of pants our dogs should wear

Bagel Bites is making pants for dogs!

It’s a great debate! Should dogs wear pants with two legs or four? And Bagel Bites pizza snacks wants to help find an answer in honor of National Dog Week.

To celebrate National Dog Week, Bagel Bites is releasing a small amount of custom designed pants for our dogs. But how will they determine whether to make pants with two legs or four? Well that requires a bit of Twitter magic of course.

Bagel Bites is looking for dog lovers to share their thoughts on Twitter from now until Sept. 22. And then they are sending people over to the How Dogs Wear Pants website on Sept. 23 after 2 P.M. central time. At that time, our dogs can snag pants with Bagel Bites pizza snacks on them for just $19.95.

Bagel Bites is celebrating National Dog Week with fashion

Bagel Bites pants for dogs. Image courtesy Bagel Bites

Of course, in order to get our hands on these adorable and fashion-forward dog pants, we first have to figure out how our dogs would be wearing those pants. And while I know I would opt for two legs, there may be other people who think four legs is more appropriate.

On Twitter, Bagel Bites has set up a poll for their followers to answer that helps to decide which style of pants will be launched on the 23rd. As of the time of this article being written, two legs is clearly the leader for this poll, although anything can happen between now and when the polls close.

Not only is this a great way to finally settle the debate about how a dog would wear pants, but it also gives our pups the cutest outfit to rock this Fall. Basically this is a win-win situation and we are here for it.

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Which style of pants do you think will win? Are you team two legs or four legs? Will you be snagging a pair of these dog pants when they launch? Tell us what you think in the comments.