Puppy shaped waffles? Yes, all of them, please!

KFC Nashville Hot Chicken and Waffles, photo provided by KFC
KFC Nashville Hot Chicken and Waffles, photo provided by KFC /

A puppy shaped waffles maker exists, and we want one now.

A puppy shaped waffles maker exists, and here at Dog O’Day, that combines our favorite animals with one of the greatest breakfast foods of all time, so needless to say, this is exciting.

This news was previously covered by food website Delish, and since two-thirds of our staff are also involved with food writing in some capacity, of course we’d be all over this amazing item.

(And really, we did run a 4,000 word story earlier this year trying to figure out which Parks and Rec characters would be which dog breeds, so again, puppy shaped waffles would literally be the champion of delicious breakfast carbs.)

The kitchenware company CucinaPro specializes in waffle makers, and the CucinaPro Animal Waffle Maker is available on Amazon for $39.95.

It can make seven mini waffles shaped like animal heads at once, consisting of a cat and two dogs to represent domestic pets, and a bear, a deer and two tigers to represent the wild side of the animal kingdom.

Depending on how creative you wanted to be with your pet art, you could create your own liver-spotted Dalmatian with chocolate chips, or experiment with calico kitty patterns with some sugar-dusted topping. Some chocolate syrup could be used for tiger stripes, and cocoa powder could create good bear color (a gingerbread deer would also be both pretty and tasty, too.)

There is the awkwardness of eating dogs if you overthink things too much, which is a really gross thought and not recommended at all if it can be helped. On the much more positive side, this seems like something that you’d have on a vacation to Disney World or something like that, which is a good thing, especially considering that travel has been highly discouraged this year due to the pandemic.

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