Breckenridge, Colorado is the perfect place to visit with your dog right now

Breckenridge, Colorado welcomes you and your pup

When it comes to destinations for dogs and humans alike, Breckenridge, Colorado has always been a leader of the pack. It has long been a place that is dog-friendly, while also offering plenty of things to do and try, especially for the adventurous soul.

And once again, it seems that Breckenridge is leading the charge as a dog-friendly destination according to Forbes. Not only are they offering plenty of outdoor dining options that allow you to bring your pup with you, but they are currently offering an “all-pedestrian Main Street” as well, making it more inviting than ever for the people with a dog at their side.

With how dog-friendly this destination is, you may be wondering what all you can expect from this Colorado town. Luckily, there are quite a few options for your pups to enjoy.

Breckenridge is a doggy destination this Fall

If you are looking for dog-friendly lodging, look no further than LOGE Breckenridge. These amazing accommodations near White River National Forest offer plenty of options that you and your pup can enjoy. And when you book your stay with your pup, your room will come equipped with a dog bed, leash, and travel ready bowl for use while visiting the area.

And yes, there are also plenty of food options that allow dogs to join their owners for a meal. With the new pedestrian friendly Main Street taking place in the month of September, even places that may never have catered to a pup before are offering a place for your four-legged friend to join you.

From Breckenridge Distillery to Cool River Coffee House, there is a place for everyone and every taste. The fact that you can bring your pup along for the adventure is the added bonus we need.

As an added bonus, Breckenridge is a known destination for all kinds of outdoor activities, including skiing, snowboarding, and hiking. And with plenty of trails at your disposal, you and your pup can experience a grand adventure while visiting this epic destination.

There are photo opportunities, chances to relax, and so much more in this Colorado town. And now is the perfect time to enjoy a little getaway with your furry friend.

What do you think of traveling with your pup to Colorado? What other dog-friendly destinations do you know of? Tell us in the comments.