Kingdom Hearts 101 Dalmatians characters all have unique markings

Dalmatian puppies. (Photo by Peter Thompson/Heritage Images/Getty Images)
Dalmatian puppies. (Photo by Peter Thompson/Heritage Images/Getty Images) /

Kingdom Hearts’ 101 Dalmatian characters all have unique markings.

Kingdom Hearts’ 101 Dalmatians characters all have unique markings, it was discovered recently.

This bit of video game news was previously reported by The Gamer.

Produced and developed by Square Enix and Disney, the Kingdom Hearts franchise has produced 13 games so far since the original game debuted in 2002 on the PlayStation 2.

Many Disney, Pixar and Final Fantasy characters interact throughout the games, which have evolved into an elaborated storyline that builds on the previous installment over years, including some overlapping plots and prequels.

In the original Kingdom Hearts game, the protagonist, a teenage boy named Sora, has a side quest in tracking down all 99 of the lost Dalmatian puppies that were kidnapped by Cruella de Vil. Once they are all rescued, they romp around various houses and buildings Sora can enter in Traverse Town. As puppies tend to do, they can sometimes cause mischief and break things.

As author Dodie Smith wrote in The Hundred and One Dalmatians, every Dalmatian’s spots are unique, which makes this an incredibly impressive tiny detail on the part of the developers, much like why Animal Crossing: New Horizons has gotten such good reviews from players.

The latest game in the Kingdom Hearts series, subtitled Melody of Memory, will release for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 13, 2020. It will be a rhythm-based music game with familiar Disney locales visited including Aladdin’s Agrabah, The Little Mermaid’s Atlantica and Wonderland.

The confusingly anthropomorphic dog Goofy, along with other longtime Disney heavyweights like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, will be a part of Melody of Memory based on screenshots of the game that have been released.

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