KONG Box is toys and training in one easy subscription

KONG Box. Image Courtesy Kimberley Spinney
KONG Box. Image Courtesy Kimberley Spinney /

KONG Box is giving us what we need to spoil and train our dogs

When it comes to giving our dogs both love and attention, we often turn to treats and toys. And with the help of subscriptions boxes like KONG Box, we can give them toys and training.

Recently I had the opportunity to experience the KONG Box for myself (okay not for myself, but for the pupper in my life), and I was impressed with not only what came in the box, but how they decide what to send out.

Not only does the KONG Box ask you what you may need for your pup, such as the type of training or issues they may have, such as boredom or chewing problems, but they ask about your dog’s size/weight, breed, and more. They want to know the pertinent details about who your dog is, so that they can customize the box to their needs.

KONG Box is the subscription your dog wants and needs

After getting more information about the pup in my life (her name is Ladybug, she is a rescue, and she likes car rides and bouncing around), which included her name, birthday, and size (a lady never tells, but in this case it’s important), they also asked if there were any issues they could help with. Among the issues they listed were chewing, barking, boredom, and even weight management, to name a few.

According to KONG Box, what makes them so special (and I have to agree) is the the fact that they customize each box that goes out for the dog that will be getting it.

Getting the box was like Christmas for Ladybug, especially since it came with multiple toys and treats, and even a little recipe card for a “Sweet Summer Smoothie.” While treats are always a favorite, the stuffed/soft toy that was in the box was definitely a favorite. (I will say that the KONG toy that came in the box is just a bit too big for the pup, as her mouth doesn’t exactly line up with her overall size.)

KONG Box. Image Courtesy Kimberley Spinney /

Honestly, the entire KONG Box was a real win, and definitely something that Ladybug enjoyed. Then again, she loves all toys and treats, so it’s not like she is going to say no to new goodies. At least, she hasn’t yet.

If you are looking for something new to treat your pup with and you want something that works for their individual needs, then you may want to check out this box. The fact that it is starting at $29.95 per month makes it a reasonable price for what you get and the tailoring that comes with each box.

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Have you tried the KONG Box yet? If you have, what did you think? If you haven’t, are you thinking about it? Tell us what your thoughts are in the comments.