KONG is launching their own subscription box service curated for every pup

Photo: KONGBOX.. Image Courtesy KONG Company
Photo: KONGBOX.. Image Courtesy KONG Company /

KONG is getting in on the subscription box service craze and we can’t wait for these specially curated boxes to start treating our pups right.

Dog lovers everywhere have heard of KONG products, after all they have been defining the dog toy industry for years. With their wide assortment of products that include hard to destroy treat dispensers and tug toys, they know exactly what our pups want and need.

And now it seems that they are taking their appreciation for pups a step further and introducing the KONG Box. Much like BarkBox and other subscription box services cater to our pups, with the new KONG Box, we are getting toys and treats that we can use to pamper and spoil our pooches.

But, these are no ordinary boxes, as KONG has big plans with their new subscription service. In fact, you can expect a specially curated box based on your pups needs, and that is something that not many services can boast.

In a press release from the company, they revealed that their new box will feature at least one toy from the KONG classic line of products, one toy that is specifically based on your pups personality and individual behavioral needs, and of course there will be treats. Every box will come with three treats they feel will help to encourage your pup to engage with you.

Photo: KONGBOX.. Image Courtesy KONG Company /

In order to create the perfect box for your pup, you will end up answering a series of questions about your dog, including their age, size, personality, and even their chewing habits. From there, the company will work to create a box that is perfect for your pup, after all, your Pug won’t need the same thing that your Golden Retriever does, and that’s okay.

And every box will be different, because KONG understands that you don’t want a house full of toys and products that are not being used and enjoyed. This means that just because you think this box will be just like the others, it really won’t.

When it comes to deciding what might work best for you, KONG is giving you some options when it comes to picking the right subscription for you. Not only is there a 12 month subscription that costs $29.95 per box (the best deal of the bunch), but there is also a six month offer which lets you do every other month for $34.95 per shipment, and finally there is the standard pay-as-you-go monthly offer which costs $39.95 per box.

Since 1970, KONG has been providing dog owners with a variety of quality toys that meet their pups unique needs. And now they are taking their years of experience and turning that into a subscription box service that truly caters to every dog and their special needs.

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What do you think of KONG getting in on the subscription box service? Are you excited to see what they have in store for your pups? Will you be signing up for the new KONG Box? Tell us what you think in the comments.