Dunkin’ partners with Bark for a good cause and cute dog toys

Dunkin’ and Bark partner up to make dog toys for a cause

If you run on Dunkin’, then you may be excited to learn that our pups can now “run” with us. In a new partnership between Dunkin’ and Bark (the people behind BarkBox), the two companies are doing some good, while also offering our pups some new dog toys to enjoy.

According to QSR Magazine, “the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation announced a collaboration with BARK, the dog company behind BarkBox, to create these new Dunkin’ themed dog toys, modeled after Dunkin’s iconic MUNCHKINS donut hole treats box and hot coffee cup.”

Starting in August, customers stopping in to grab a cup of coffee and a donut can now snag a MUNCHKINS treat box that features a crinkly box and three mini donut hole toys or even a squeaky, fluff-stuffed cup of coffee for their furry friends too. The toys cost either $12 or $15, with that money, which is described as a donation, going towards the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation.

Dunkin’ and Bark are giving our pups a special morning treat

The exciting part of this collaboration is the fact that we know how amazing Bark toys can be. Not only are they often quite durable, but they are fun and vibrant, perfect for keeping our pups entertained for hours on end. And even when they start ripping those apart, there is usually a fully developed toy on the inside as well (think rope and rubber balls that can still be played with even when the fuzzy outer layer is gone).

While we are totally here for this collaboration giving our dogs a bit of Dunkin’ love, we are also loving the fact that sales of these toys will benefit the foundation’s mission to battle childhood illness and hunger. The money will also help support the Dogs for Joy program. If you are unfamiliar with the Dunkin’ Dogs for Joy program, it is a program that brings trained service dogs to help children battling illness who are dealing with everything from stress to anxiety.

Any time we can treat our dogs to a fun gift, while also doing some good, we are there. And this collaboration between Dunkin’ and Bark is clearly the perfect mix of dog-friendly fun and doing good for others.

I’m definitely excited to see these new dog toys in person and I may have to snag those Munchkins!

What do you think of this collaboration? Will you be snagging either of these Dunkin’ x Bark toys? Tell us what you think in the comments.