Nailed It shows off an attempt to make a Dog Cake on Instagram and it’s exactly what you would expect from the series

Nailed It Season 3 on Netflix, photo provided by Netflix
Nailed It Season 3 on Netflix, photo provided by Netflix /

Nailed It shows off a dog cake attempt on Instagram

Is there anything better than watching amateur bakers attempt to recreate masterpieces on Nailed It? How about watching amateur bakers in quarantine attempting to recreate an epic dog cake? That’s exactly what happened recently courtesy of a fun challenge from two former contestants.

In a post on Instagram shared by the Nailed It account on July 2, we were treated to a look at not only the dog cake masterpiece, but also one of the recreations. And while these two images were of course what caught our eye, it didn’t stop there!

Nailed It offered a look at the creation of the dog cake attempts

While we started off with just images of the original dog cake, which acted as the home baker’s inspiration and one of the finished projects, thanks to the actual caption for the post, we knew there was even more to see. In their Instagram bio, the Nailed It team shared a link to YouTube which actually featured a special at-home segment with Nicole Byers hosting from her home (obviously). And yes, there were two amateur bakers going head-to-head to recreate the original dog cake masterpiece.

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Honestly, you have to watch this video just for the entertainment factor alone. This video is hysterical, as it is clear that while they are down to recreate this adorable dog cake, they also know there is no way this is going to look even close to the same!

It’s a lot of fun watching these home competitions, and these two competitors were a blast to watch. Even though they weren’t in the same kitchen, they were still interacting with each other as they baked, adding a lot of fun and humor to the proceedings. And of course, we were all about seeing the finished products.

Although they certainly didn’t look exactly like the inspiration cake, both cakes are clearly dogs, and cute in their own ways. And considering how much work went into each of these cakes, we are definitely impressed with the end results.

As dog lovers, it also helped that both bakers showed off their own furry friends during their baking. Seriously, we are here for this kind of a baking showdown, and we all know it’s because we are all in on everything dog related.

You can watch the dog cake competition here:

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What did you think of these dog cakes? Who do you think was the winner of the contest? Have you ever tried making a cake like this? How did it turn out? Tell us all about it in the comments.