Why fireworks scare some dogs and how to keep them safe on the Fourth of July

Why are some doggies afraid of fireworks and how can you keep them safe?

With Fourth of July celebrations nearly here, it’s time to make preparations for our pups! And I’m not talking about cute, mini American flag shirts, hats, and other gear for our four-legged pals to wear (because these are a must). I’m referring to dogs afraid of fireworks.

They say humans are born with two fears: loud noises and falling. So can we really blame dogs for hating when it storms outside, a loud car zooms by the neighborhood, and, of course, fireworks? Not really, because most of us can relate!

Not all dogs hate fireworks, though, some enjoy loud noises and are unbothered. But it’s safe to say that the majority of pups do at least get startled by a loud and unexpected sound. The Smithsonian Magazine explains why some canines hate loud noises and others don’t.

How to make dogs feel secure while Fourth of July fireworks blast off

The obvious way may seem easy, simply don’t take your dog to any festivals or parties that plan to have fireworks or be nearby them. With COVID-19, though, that will be easy as there are likely no Fourth of July parties happening near you. But that won’t stop most fireworks!

America will celebrate regardless, so there will be fireworks for us to admire from our yards (depending on where you live).

There are a few things you can do to help. One of these ways is to draw all the curtains closed so dogs won’t see the flashes of the fireworks, which may increase their anxiety. It’s important that they are close you to, preferably curled up on the couch or a bedroom where the noise won’t be as loud.

Have some sort of background noise, a movie or show on TV is perfect for a distraction! Finally, offer plenty of hugs and cuddles to reassure your pup that everything is okay.

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How will you be celebrating the Fourth of July this year with your doggie?