Father’s Day 2020: How the Dogs of Instagram celebrated the holiday

How did the Dogs of Instagram celebrate Father’s Day 2020?

Father’s Day 2020 was a huge event around the world, and so of course the Dogs of Instagram had to get in on the fun as well.

We’re going to look quickly over the best highlights, though there are of course many deserving dog dads out there who deserve a shoutout, and we apologize for omitting them.

Holland the Pup had to give a shoutout to her dad, the Traveling Food Dude.

Bark-Andre Furry had to show how much he and his little brother Deke love their biped Rick.

“Happy Daddy’s Day to all the dads out there, and especially to mine!” Bark’s friend Cali the Yorkiepoo wrote in her tribute post. “Thanks for always feeding me, taking me on walks and giving me belly rubs! I love you!”

Rookie the Batdog was feeling nostalgic. “I’m thinking about my dad Derby today, who learned from his dad Chase and taught it all to me.” he wrote. “Wish he was still here playing out on the field with me.”

Rookie is now on the other end of that learning curve, as he’s now teaching his cousin Dash how to be the best batdog for the Trenton Thunder that he can be.

Up in southern Alberta in Canada, Bunsen the Science Dog and his little sister Beaker the Science Pup wanted to let the world know what a special person Dadguy is: “Our dadguy is one that looks out for his pack, takes us on adventures and teaches us and kids science.”

He also hosts The Science Pawdcast and helps run their accounts, which are both very important and fun. And Dadguy is also a bit of a dork, in his spare time making fancy cosplay outfits for himself and his puppers.

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