Looking for a virtual vet experience? Royal Canin has you covered

Royal Canin offers a virtual vet experience

Royal Canin is more than just a pet food company, they are a pet loving company. So, it likely comes as no surprise that they have decided to help offer peace of mind for pet owners.

If you are wondering how they are doing this, then check out the virtual vet services they are currently offering on their website. Not only are they offering pet owners a chance to learn more about how the coronavirus is impacting our pets, but they are also letting us chat with a professional.

Think of Royal Canin is doing as a lifeline in a time of crisis. They are making sure that even if you can’t get to the vet in person, you can still get your questions answered. This is their way of offering a bit of guidance in a trying time.

What Royal Canin has to say about the virtual vet

In a press release from May 6, Chief Marketing Officer of Royal Canin David Everson explained that, “At Royal Canin, we put cats and dogs first in everything we do, and veterinary care is an essential part of a pet’s health. During this time of uncertainty, we feel compelled to help, which is why we’re offering this service to any pet owner who needs assistance.”

Obviously a virtual vet does not replace your in-person veterinarian, but at the same time, this is a way to determine if you are in the midst of an emergency. This is also a chance to get answers to questions that may have taken much longer to learn if you had to wait to get an appointment with your every day vet.

When it comes to peace of mind, we can never be too careful. And since we all want what is best for our dogs (and cats), what Royal Canin is offering is a chance to get an answer quickly.

What do you think of a virtual vet experience? Do you think this is something you would utilize? Tell us what you think in the comments.