Royal Canin took part in the recent Veterinary Meeting & Expo introducing a new product and so much more

Photo: Royal Canin Pill Assist.. Image Courtesy Royal Canin
Photo: Royal Canin Pill Assist.. Image Courtesy Royal Canin /

In January, Royal Canin took part in the Veterinary Meeting & Expo (VMX). Not only did they make a statement with their participation, they unveiled a new product too!

While we here at Dog O’Day are mostly focused on dog-related news, we love all animals, including our feline friends. So, when we learned about Royal Canin‘s participation at the VMX this year, we needed to know more.

Thanks to a press release we received, we learned all about what the company brought to the table at VMX, and it is definitely exciting news for cat lovers.

Not only did Royal Canin launch a new product, but they also hosted panels including one on feline health. There was also a discussion about the journey from being hospitalized to getting better and healthy again, which is always important, and as animal lovers this is something we all want to know more about.

Of course, there was also plenty to find and discover at their booth at the expo as well, including the “360 Feline Lifecycle cinematic touch experience through the life of a pet,” which featured a virtual demonstration and a look at a cat-friendly veterinary clinic.

However, the big thing for us was the launch of their newest product, the Feline PILL ASSIST. While this product is a veterinary-exclusive product, it is still an important product that can help cat owners in caring for their feline friends. This product is all about helping to administer pills to your cat when they are less than impressed with the idea.

What makes the Feline PILL ASSIST so special is the fact that the, “product contains a soft texture that can easily be molded around any pill ,” making it easier than ever to give your cat the medicines they need to get them back to full health.

If your vet decides that this product is right for your cat, they will have to give you a prescription for it. However, we can all appreciate having products that are not only vet-approved, but also have to come right from them. It just means that this is something we can count on to be good for our furry friends.

And since we are all about the dogs here, we also had to find out if there was a product like this for our canine friends as well. Luckily we need not worry, as Royal Canin did not forget our dogs with this one. In fact, they originally launched their PILL ASSIST for canines back in 2018, which means that they have been thinking about how to get our pups the meds they need for quite some time.

Royal Canin
Photo: Royal Canin Pill Assist.. Image Courtesy Royal Canin /

And they even have different sizes of the PILL ASSIST for our dogs to make sure that they are meeting the needs of our furry friends no matter how big or small they are.

We love the fact that Royal Canin is always thinking about what our dogs and cats need to live long, healthy lives. And it is great to see them constantly striving to deliver the best products every year.

While some of their products might be veterinary-exclusives, that doesn’t mean that regular dog and cat owners are left out in the cold. Instead, the company makes sure that the products we need are where we need them, when we need them.

And with this new PILL ASSIST launch for felines, they are once again giving animal lovers what they need in the best ways possible.

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What do you think of the PILL ASSIST for felines (and canines)? Do you think this is a product that veterinary offices needed? Tell us what you think in the comments.