Royal Canin Puppy Pre-Show helps viewers get ready for the AKC National Championship

Photo: AKC National Championship.. Image Courtesy Nick King
Photo: AKC National Championship.. Image Courtesy Nick King /

What’s the best way to get ready for the AKC National Championship? By watching the Royal Canin Puppy Pre-Show of course. But that’s not all.

While the AKC National Championship presented by Royal Canin might be the big dog show we have been waiting for, there is one event that we can’t resist – the Puppy Pre-Show. We all know that the road to being a champion starts when we are young, and the same holds true for dogs. Puppies grow up to become the champions of their breed, and there is no better way to celebrate this than with an event dedicated just to them

In fact, all things puppy are being celebrated in the first annual Royal Canin Puppy Pre-Show, and we are here for the excitement. But it’s not just about watching these puppies in action and hearing all about what their breed is known for. Instead, this is a more hands on event for viewers.

A press release from Royal Canin revealed that viewers get to help pick the winner of the Puppy Pre-Show. Starting on Dec. 18, dog lovers can check out the Royal Canin social media channels to watch the puppies involved take on a number of tests in categories such as the Kibble Quest and of course, Puppy Playtime. (Even WeRateDogs got in on the action, as Matt Nelson helped to officiate the proceedings, and is also helping to broadcast the show for all to see.)

Puppy Pre-Show
Photo: AKC National Championship.. Image Courtesy Nick King /

Then, once dog lovers watch the Puppy Pre-Show, they can then cast their vote for who should ultimately be named the Puppy Best in Show, with voting being open until Dec. 22. To cast your vote, head to social media and use  #RoyalCaninPuppies, along with the name of the pup you think should win.

With seven adorable competitors, it may be hard to choose just one winner. It’s all about watching the competition and deciding which pup deserves to be top dog.

The puppies competing for the title are:

  • 5 month old Anita Bone the Bulldog
  • 5 month old Dustin the Labrador Retriever
  • 4 month old Nala the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • 4 month old Elvira the Smooth Fox Terrier
  • 4 month old Hedwig the Dachshund
  • 6 month old Monique the German Shepherd
  • 6 month old King the Bernese Mountain Dog

Honestly, we wish all of these pups could be chosen as Puppy Best in Show. After all, they all have what it takes to be winners and they have certainly captured our hearts.

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Which pup do you think will be named Best in Show of the Royal Canin Puppy Pre-Show? Which pup is your favorite? Tell us what you think in the comments.

And remember to tune in to the AKC National Championship on Animal Planet Jan. 1 to find out which puppy comes out on top.