James Middleton introduces Instagram to six new puppies

James Middleton introduces us to six new puppies

If you are a fan of the British royal family, then you likely already know who James Middleton is. The younger brother of the Duchess of Cambridge, Middleton is a known animal lover, with a pack of pups he shares on Instagram often. And now it seems that he is introducing the world to even more puppies.

In a post shared on May 31, James Middleton introduced his followers to six new puppies that he said will be his newest pup’s playmates. And while the puppy he introduced to the world two weeks ago, Nala, will be staying with Middleton, it seems that these puppies will be going off to new homes when it is time.

According to People Magazine, any money that he receives from the eventual sale of the puppies will be donated to Pets as Therapy, an organization in the U.K. that he works as an ambassador for.

What James Middleton had to say

Based on his Instagram, it seems that these puppies were part of a litter born in the last two weeks. And while there was a bit of tragedy to the birth, there is of course a lot of joy as well.

In his post, Middleton shared that, “A week ago Luna had three little pups at 5am, but we had to rush to the vets for an emergency c-section where another four pups were delivered. Sadly one didn’t make it but there are six healthy little pups suckling away happy as can be.”

As a proud dog dad, it is clear that James Middleton really does love all of the pups in his home. And even if these puppies will be going to new homes in the near future, they will be well taken care of, while also getting to play with the dogs already in residence with Middleton.

With six pups that he already claims as his own, it certainly makes sense that he may not want to keep all of these puppies with him. At the same time, it is likely in the best interest of these puppies that they find a home with a few less dogs so they can get all the attention they may need and want.

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We love when celebrities show off their pups and puppies, and hopefully we will get to see more of the puppies while James Middleton still has them.

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