James Middleton shows dog lovers how to throw the perfect doggie dinner party

Nowadays, we are finding ourselves with a lot of time on our hands, but James Middleton knows just how to spend it, by throwing our dogs an extravagant dinner party!

Earlier this week, James Middleton showed off just how he is spending all of his free time now that we are all practicing social distancing, as we continue to stop the spread of COVID-19. And you would never guess what the star is up to! Middleton is clever and fun, and also a dog lover just like us here at Dog o’ Day, so naturally he is spending as much time as he can with his four-legged pals.

In an Instagram post (which you can check out just below), Kate Middleton‘s younger brother showed off his dog’s very extravagant dinner party! Someone give Middleton the Dog Dad of the Year award, it is well-deserved. In all honesty, these dogs are living it up and having way more fun than any of us at home are right now.

Check out his post, below: 

Let’s see, we’ve got a flower arrangement, puppy treats as an appetizer, fancy water glasses, candles, oh my! Oh, and don’t forget, be sure you provide delicate and fashionable bibs for all your friends.

Can we also comment on how well-behaved these dogs are? My pup would be all over that table, no question! We love everything about the photos. If you love the photo, too, be sure to follow James Middleton on Instagram! This isn’t the first time he shows off his pets. In fact, even his profile photo is with one of his pups.

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Be sure to give your dog plenty of love during this time, have plenty of food for them, and take them out for walks! This activity may help you, too! Stay safe!