Lucy Hale did the toddler challenge with her dog, Elvy

Lucy Hale did the toddler challenge with her pup, Elvy

Even as restrictions are being lifted across the country, many people are still practicing social distancing and staying home. This includes celebrities such as Lucy Hale, who are still gifting us with the kind of social media content we can’t resist.

On Hale’s Instagram, she even shared a video of her pup, Elvy, taking part in the current social media trend known as the Toddler Challenge. For those unfamiliar with this current trend, News Center Maine explained that it is where parents offer their toddlers and small children a treat (typically candy), but tell them they have to wait to have it. The parent then walks away leaving the treat in front of the child. The goal is to see if a toddler will wait and potentially earn a bigger treat or if they will take the treat while the parent is out of the room.

In the case of Lucy Hale and Elvy, the actress took a few dog treats out of a bag in front of her pup and placed them on the table. She told the pup to wait for her and got up to put the rest of the treats away.

How did Lucy Hale’s pup, Elvy, do with the toddler challenge?

With the camera pointed at Elvy and the treats, viewers get to watch as the pup sits patiently waiting for Hale to get back before eating the treats. And honestly, this pup proves that they are a very good boy. Elvy doesn’t even attempt to sniff the treats on the table while mom goes to put the bag away.

Clearly Lucy Hale has a very well-behaved pup, as he not only listened to his momma while she was there with him, but he also waited patiently for permission to eat his treats.

While the toddler challenge might be a way for parents to see how they children handle delayed gratification, when it comes to pups, it proves that they too can handle rules and guidelines.

We love seeing celebrities with their pups, and this kind of challenge is a great way to see just how good those celebrity dogs really are as well.

Check out the video of Elvy and Lucy Hale taking part in the toddler challenge below:

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Honestly, we are slightly obsessed with Elvy ourselves. He is such a good boy and so very cute. We love that Lucy Hale shared this video with her followers on Instagram.

Hopefully we get to see even more of Elvy on Hale’s social media. After all, he really is the very best boy.

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