Gary Busey is delivering pet justice in new series Pet Judge

Gary Busey: Pet Judge. Image Courtesy Brenden Wedner
Gary Busey: Pet Judge. Image Courtesy Brenden Wedner /

It’s time for some pet justice with Gary Busey: Pet Judge.

On May 25, a new series began streaming on Amazon Prime that is all about delivering pet justice. And honestly, is there anyone more perfect for the role than Gary Busey? I think not.

In a press release about the new series, which is simply called Gary Busey: Pet Judge, we learned that this program may only be six episodes, but it will still bring us all of the entertainment we could hope for. After all, this is Busey and he is the ultimate entertainer.

So what can you expect from Gary Busey: Pet Judge? Well, disputes and a lot of pet justice of course. We are talking about pet owners with a grievance getting the chance to let their voices be heard.

Pet justice is delivered with the help of Gary Busey and his sayings

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While Rolling Stone is right in pointing out that Busey is not actually versed in pet law or even a real judge, he won’t be alone in handing out his brand of justice. At his side will be his voice of reason bailiff, Mike E. Winfield, and Ian Abramson, who will handle the exit interviews.

Think about Gary Busey: Pet Judge as The People’s Court meets well, I guess Gary Busey. Seriously, this is not a series to take seriously, but at the same time, this is a chance for pet owners to get a chance to talk out their problems and hopefully find a resolution to whatever issues are plaguing them.

Among the animals that will appear on this program, we expect to see dogs, birds, turtles, goats, and even a robot raccoon!

We are here for this kind of bingeable content, especially with Busey at the helm.

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What do you think of a judge program revolving around animals? Will you be watching Busey delivering pet justice? If you have watched it, what did you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.