How Dog Twitter spent Memorial Day weekend 2020

How did Dog Twitter spend Memorial Day weekend 2020?

Memorial Day weekend 2020 looked a lot different this year, for obvious reasons. But the members of Dog Twitter, being the optimistic place that it is, made sure to best their best paw forward anyway.

They made sure to do their favorite things, and some paid more serious attention to the meaning of the holiday than others.

The hypothetical and imaginary Thoughts of Dog canine (@Dog_Feelings) got lots of delicious snacks, because people were supposed to come over but didn’t.

Perfect Parker (@PerfectParker4) was a little worried about all the people flagrantly ignoring social distancing at the Lake of the Ozarks, which is fairly close to his house..

Still, on the plus side, Parker had his friend Charlie come over to spend the night. Charlie was there as a foster dog before Parker came, and Charlie taught the humans all how dogs ought to be cared for, yup.

He does have the not-great habit of hacking Twitters, however, though that balances out with his ability to ride in a kayak.

Rally the Silver Lab (@ThoughtsOfRally) spent Memorial Day 2020 by doing his favorite thing in the whole world – PLAYING FETCH! However, that can be very tiring, so a water break had to be taken every so often.

Rally’s girlfriend Violet the Newfy (@Violet_TheNewfy) spent the weekend in the kitchen, her favorite place, helping her mom bake cookies.

As he will eventually help a veteran when his training is through, Captain the Caps Pup (@CapsPup) made sure to visit the various war memorials at the National Mall as he pondered all the men, women and dogs of the military who didn’t make it home.

On that note, it seems appropriate to drop the somber Keith Urban music video “For You” here at this point.

That’s how Dog Twitter spent Memorial Day weekend 2020, and from all of us here on the staff of Dog O’Day, we hope that you and your dogs (and cats) had a safe weekend that leads into a week filled with good things.