UKC forms a new dog sport just in time to ease our quarantine blues

Canine separation anxiety (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
Canine separation anxiety (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images) /

The UKC has formed a new sport that is here to save us from the doldrums of quarantine blues.

With sports looking mighty bleak for 2020, the United Kennel Club (UKC) is coming to our rescue to save us from the doldrums of quarantine.

The new dog sport will be called Precision Coursing, a fast-paced sport that will be open to any breed or mix. It took a while for the UKC to license the Precision Coursing sport, but it finally earned it, and now registered dogs can earn points in the sport, which will count toward titles.

So now you’re wondering — what in the world is Precision Coursing?

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Precision Coursing will test all breeds and sizes of dogs in a test of what it calls “productive outlet” for energy. How do the dogs burn off the energy? By chasing an artificial lure 150′ around a course built specifically for the sport.

According to an article on PR Newswire about the new sport, the UKC has been dedicating itself to the working dog for 120 years and has an astonishing 20,000 breeders, and more than 2,900 clubs under different banners. Those stats make the UKC the largest dog sport organization in the world, and a perfect venue to host this new breed of dog sport.

“UKC is the place for every dog and owner looking to become more involved,” UKC Vice President Tod Kellam said, and with the addition of Precision Coursing, the UKC is primed to do just that. Precision Coursing is positioned to be an entry-level game for athletic dogs, and it’s also being built to be an introduction for dogs into the UKC.

So if you have an athletic dog and want to get them into a competitive sport, look at Precision Coursing as a way to introduce your pup to the sporting landscape, and help all of us get over the doldrums of being stuck in quarantine.

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What do you think of the UKC adding a new sport? What do you think of Precision Coursing? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.