TrustedHousesitters is here to help you get away and give your pet a companion

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Sometimes you just want to get away. But if you have a pet, you can’t exactly leave them behind. That’s where TrustedHousesitters comes in.

Do ever want to take a weekend and just go away for a bit? Maybe you need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? When you have a dog or cat at home, that decision to just take a few days away can be complicated. Luckily, that’s why there is TrustedHousesitters.

What makes TrustedHousesitters so unique is the fact that they not only watch your home, but they watch your pet as well. In fact, companionship for your animal is what they are all about. They are literally all about combining the best of house sitting and pet sitting in one convenient service.

Here’s why I like this company – they offer an annual membership. This means that if I need to travel for work, I can reach out to them for help with caring for my dogs while I am out-of-town. And not only that, but they will make sure my place is okay too.

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We all know that things come up, and when you own a pet, their needs still have to be met. With the help of TrustedHousesitters, you don’t have to feel guilty for an impromptu work trip or even taking that much needed vacation because your pup (or cat) will be taken care of.

Plus, if you check out their site, you will also see that they are also looking for people who are interested in being house and pet sitters. This means that if you are looking to travel yourself, and are willing to take care of someone else’s home and pet, there is a place for you as well.

In some ways, this service is a lot like Airbnb, because it allows you to have a place to stay over a hotel. However, the fact that you are caring for someone’s pet, home, and maybe even their plants, makes this an entirely new experience.

The fact that there is an app for this, also makes this a super convenient option for people on the go. And based on the feedback I have seen, it also seems like a lot of people are really happy with this service.

Hopefully TrustedHousesitters is able to keep building their platform and become more of a household name, as this seems like the kind of service we would totally be willing to use.

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What do you think of the idea behind this platform? Would you use them to watch your pet and house while you’re out of town? Would you want to be a house and pet sitter? Tell us what you think in the comments.