Hallmark’s American Rescue Dog Show outperformed the Westminster Dog Show and proves we love shelter dogs

When it comes to the Hallmark channel, we often expect to see a lot of romantic comedies and made for TV movies. But it’s their Rescue Dog Show we love.

While you may think you know what to expect from the Hallmark Channel, sometimes they surprise you. And thanks to their American Rescue Dog Show, which recently aired its third annual competition, we are reminded of how much we love shelter dogs.

In fact, it seems that everyone is being given this reminder as the ratings for the American Rescue Dog Show on Hallmark have been revealed. It turns out that when compared to one of the more prestigious dog shows in the country, it is the shelter dogs who came out on top.

According to Media Village, the average for the two night Rescue Dog Show on Hallmark outperformed the pedigree dog show in all of the key demographics. This year, the shelter dogs raked in an impressive 2.8 million unduplicated viewers.

Perhaps what makes Hallmark’s rescue dog competition such a treat is the fact that they are airing it as part of an adoption initiative. And this year, they even hosted two pop-up adoption events, with one being in New York City’s Times Square and the other in Los Angeles at the Santa Monica Pier.

While we love all dogs, and want to support the majesty and grace that is Westminster, we also understand the appreciation for rescue dogs. In fact, we are big fans of shelter dogs and helping them find their forever homes. So of course we are excited to learn that other people are just as enamored with the rescue dogs that took the stage for Hallmark’s competition.

Honestly, we can’t wait until next year to see which rescue dogs step up to win categories like “Best in Belly Rubs” and “Best in Couch Potato.” (Seriously, how can you resist a dog show that has categories like this?!)

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Did you watch either of these dog shows? What did you think of this year’s show? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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