When will ‘Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” air in 2020?

When will “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” air in 2020?

When will the Valentine’s Day-themed Peanuts special “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” air?

The 13th Peanuts special to be adapted from the beloved Charles Schulz comic strip onto television, “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” premiered on CBS on January 28, 1975. Since 2001, it has been shown on ABC each year.

The plot mainly concerns the various puppy love mishaps of the neighborhood kids one Valentine’s Day – Linus Van Pelt has a huge crush on his teacher Miss Othmar, of course, and Sally Brown has a gigantic crush on Linus.

Charlie Brown strikes out yet again when it comes to getting cards, and Linus’ sister Lucy is rebuffed by Schroeder, though she gets kisses from everyone’s favorite Beagle Snoopy (though strangely she isn’t appreciative of them).

Snoopy and Woodstock also eat lots of chocolate, which in reality isn’t a good idea.

“Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” will air on at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

While everyone tends to think of Linus’ letters to Santa Claus or vain belief in the Great Pumpkin at Halloween when it comes to Peanuts holidays, Valentine’s probably got the most coverage of any holiday during the strip’s five-decade run, so it seems quite appropriate to run specials back-to-back during the actual day itself.

It will be followed by the 2002 special “A Charlie Brown Valentine,” the first special to be made after Schulz’s death in January 2000. This special follows Charlie Brown as he hopes that the Little Red-Haired Girl will send him a Valentine this year, and his loyal canine best friend Snoopy helps him prepare in various ways.

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Will you be watching “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” and/or “A Charlie Brown Valentine” this year, or do you have something special planned with your significant other or your favorite pupper? Let us know in the comments!