Titans’ penultimate episode sees the team regrouping in their own way, even as Krypto, Gar, and Conner are under Cadmus’ control

Titans --Ep. 212 -- “ FAUX - HAWK ” -- Photo by Brooke Palmer / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved
Titans --Ep. 212 -- “ FAUX - HAWK ” -- Photo by Brooke Palmer / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved /

Krypto and Conner might still be off-screen in the clutches of Cadmus, but the Titans look like they may actually be regrouping in the penultimate episode.

In the penultimate episode of Titans Season 2, the team still remains divided, while Krypto, Conner, and Gar are in the clutches of Cadmus. And yet, it feels like there has finally been a shift for this fractured team, and we are here for it.

Not only is Dick Grayson finally coming to terms with who he is and what he needs to do, but it also seems like he understands where he went wrong in the past. And as he faces all of these things, he is finally moving forward (which includes seeking out a new suit).

Jason Todd is over everyone and everything, so we don’t even know what he plans to do next. But Rose seems determined to put a stop to her father, so it looks like she might just be heading back to fight alongside the Titans.

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Dawn and Donna are working side by side, which is certainly nice to see, and while they are trying to save Gar, they are not alone. Starfire and Raven are heading home to Titans tower because they know it is time to help Gar and the rest of the team.

Sadly, Gar is definitely under Cadmus’ control, which means they have him breaking out his inner tiger to hurt people, something that is definitely against his nature. In fact, it is clear when he snaps out of whatever hold the lab has on him that he knows things are all messed up, even if he can’t stop it from happening.

And while we don’t see Krypto or Conner in this episode, it is clear that at least Conner has been converted to the Cadmus side, just like Gar was. It actually sounds like the same thing has happened to Krypto, with the lab operating on his brain as well.

Hopefully the Titans finally come together to actually save the day, because it certainly seems like Conner, Gar, and Krypto need as much help as they can possibly get. Not only will they need to be deprogrammed after whatever Cadmus has done to them, but they will likely need to be helped in terms of dealing with the things they have done for the bad guys.

Titans has spent the entire second season watching the team fall apart, and now it is time to finally bring everyone back together. Hopefully this includes saving Krypto, Conner, and Gar, because they definitely need to be saved.

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