2019 World Series: The best all-dog baseball rosters

Rookie the Batdog at work. Photo provided by Trenton Thunder.
Rookie the Batdog at work. Photo provided by Trenton Thunder. /
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rookie the batdog
Rookie the Batdog at work. Photo provided by Trenton Thunder. /

Wesley’s pick for the 2019 World Series is the Houston Astros.

I don’t really care about either Houston or Washington, but the Astros have better uniforms, so there’s that. Also, many of their key players have dogs.

That said, here are my picks for the ideal all-dog baseball roster.

First baseman: A Boxer would be a good fit at first base, able to make those tough catches on close plays.

Second baseman: The Australian Cattle Dog is a smart, agile and athletic breed, and they would be a solid line-drive hitter at the plate.

Shortstop: Like Houston’s Jose Altuve, the Shetland Sheepdog is on the smaller side, but it possesses a Collie’s intelligence and has super quick reflexes. Also, natural bravery, so it wouldn’t be fazed by having to field laser beams occasionally.

Third baseman: Doberman Pinscher seems like a solid pick here, able to make those hard throws over to first when recovering slow grounders.

Left fielder: The outfield requires great catching ability, and the Golden Retriever is very good at that. Plus it feels like it helps if the job is done with some flash, which Goldens naturally possess.

Center fielder: Covering some of the most territory here, the center fielder often directs the other outfielders on close plays in disputed territory, and that’s where a Border Collie brains come in.

Right fielder: Right field has a bad reputation, but in the pros, that’s probably the most important position, because of hitters’ strength pulling the ball there, so we’re going to go with the most well-known retriever of them all in the Labrador.

Catcher: A team needs a mellow presence behind the plate, and being physically massive doesn’t hurt, either. The Great Pyrenees fits both aspects perfectly, and would likely be a deep threat when batting as well.

Pitcher: While a Standard Schnauzer wouldn’t bring a ton of speed to the mound, they do bring a terrier’s determination and persistence, able to go for the long haul. Plus the beard would add an element of intimidation.

Designated hitter: A strong, powerful type like the Frank Thomas with the Chicago White Sox, this seems like a job for a Newfoundland.

Now onto the squad assembled by Bark-Andre Furry.