Our favorite doggy Super Bowl commercials from Super Bowl 53

Client: Animal PlanetAgency: Getty Images10_16_2018New York, NY
Client: Animal PlanetAgency: Getty Images10_16_2018New York, NY /
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Avocados From Mexico

What it’s for: Avocados…from Mexico.

What happens: Kristin Chenoweth (Wicked) is the judge of a dog show…run by dogs, where the humans are put through various ridiculous poses and outfits? We’re pretty sure that has nothing to do with how they actually work in real life

Dogs put humans through their paces, including sitting, rolling over (taxes), which the humans willingly agree to in order to get the yummy guacamole. There’s even a Pug or French Bulldog sideline correspondent in Charles.

That’s not even mentioning the woman wearing the super-embarrassing Cone of Shame, or a Gandalf-like man who wins Best in Show. And then Kristin makes fun of her cohost’s extra-refined British accent, annoying him.

What we thought of it: While not quite as entertaining as the teaser ads were in the lead-up to Super Bowl 53, this wins our favorite of the doggy Super Bowl commercials for how creative and detailed this ad was. There were about a half-dozen dogs at least, along with all the humans and extensive wardrobe department.

While it makes sense as a Super Bowl spot, since more avocados are consumed on that day than any other, it’s still a little strange that they Avocados From Mexico chose to use dogs to sell their product, since in real life avocados are highly poisonous to dogs.

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