Our favorite doggy Super Bowl commercials from Super Bowl 53

Client: Animal PlanetAgency: Getty Images10_16_2018New York, NY
Client: Animal PlanetAgency: Getty Images10_16_2018New York, NY /
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What it’s for: Amazon Alexa

What happens: As an Amazon engineer explains, Harrison Ford and his Boston Terrier demonstrate one of the failed experiments in the ever-expanding line of Alexa technologies – a dog collar doesn’t work very well. Ford’s dog barks continually, which Alexa interprets as repeated orders for dog food, gravy and sausages, while Ford complains that he isn’t paying for all those extra snacks.

Other Alexa things that didn’t go so well include a toothbrush that plays podcasts and a hot tub that synchronizes water and light displays with music. The spot ends with a delivery truck dropping off at least eight 50-pound sacks of dog food in front of Ford’s house.

What we thought of it: This ad technically ran after the game was over, but it still counts by our rankings, and our quick recap is one of the biggest articles in pageviews in the site’s history.

Who doesn’t like Harrison Ford in anything? This really made the commercial in our opinion, and given the ever-expanding list of Alexa products, most of which seem unnecessary, it was cool to see Amazon is able to laugh at itself.