Product review: HOWND Hero Bowl a super choice

Dog enjoying dinner in the HOWND Hero Bowl. Photo courtesy of HOWND.
Dog enjoying dinner in the HOWND Hero Bowl. Photo courtesy of HOWND. /

Does the HOWND Hero Bowl stand up to the daily stresses of life?

We recently got to test the HOWND Hero Bowl, which is pretty straightforward: it’s a dog bowl made by a British company called HOWND, which was responsible for creating the unofficial British  holiday of Bring Your Dog to Work Day, similar to the American/Canadian Take Your Dog to Work Day.

HOWND also makes vegan and vegetarian dog treats and a variety of natural shampoos and grooming aids.

With the type of dog food we feed our pets becoming ever more important, shouldn’t we give some thought to the dog bowl it’s contained in as well?

Made from a material called recyclable polypropylene, the Hero Bowls are stain- and odor-resistant, and have a silver ion technology antimicrobial and antibacterial coating that will last for 25 years (that’s around two lifetimes in dog years).

They’re even dishwasher safe!

There are two sizes to pick from – Small, which is seven inches (18 centimeters) across and holds a bit less than two cups (450 milliliters), and Large, which is nine inches across (23 centimeters) and holds about four and a quarter cups (one liter).

There are five colors to choose from as well – Raspberry Rose (pinkish purple), Spring Green (lime green), Ocean Blue (sky blue), Lavender Blush (light purple) and Urban Grey (light gray).

We used the Large size Hero Bowl in Spring Green for our testing.

The asymmetrical slanted design makes it very easy for an animal to eat or drink out of it, and super easy to clean as well. It dries quickly, too, after being handwashed, and the four little rubber feet on the bottom keep it securely in place from sliding around everywhere.

The light size (about 3.5 ounces) makes it very easy to carry around, but the material is hefty enough that it feels good just to carry it around.

Our staff dog Captain the Labrador mix was the main canine tester, and he thought it was a very good bowl, rated a 12/10. Andy and Buddy, both Great Pyrenees, also tried it out and approved.

The cats around the house also highly approve of the Hero Bowl.

The Hero Bowl ranges in price on the HOWND website from 14.96 pounds to 18.29 pounds, which is roughly $18.81 to $22.99 in US dollars. They can also be found on Amazon for $39.99.

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Here at Dog O’Day, we highly recommend the HOWND Hero Bowl for everybody. For more information about HOWND, see their website or see their Amazon page for more details.